Biggest Home Design Trends For Indian Homes In 2018

It’s that time of the year again when we look forward to what is going to be in for home design and what is going to be out ...

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It’s that time of the year again when we look forward to what is going to be in for home design and what is going to be out for the coming year! Now would be a really good time to update yourself with what’s hot and trendy for 2018. As such here are a couple of home design trends  you should look forward to.

Earthy Tones

“Simple earthy tones with pleasant modern home touch are going to be trending in 2018. A lot of browns, greens, yellows and palette of orange will be used, to rekindle with the colours of nature.” – says Interior Designer Diya Kochhar (Envisage Design Projects)

Doesn’t it feel good to find comfy-ness with a natural feel? Get ready to witness interiors getting a tropical makeover with palm and banana leaf imagery, shades of green on statement walls as well as sofas and natural textures in 2018. Dark hues of blue and green are going to continue creating waves like they did this year.

Theme Based Wallpapers

“Theme based wallpapers are going to be trending in 2018, could be geometrical patterns, floral wallpapers or even mural work.“ – says Kshitiz Kapoor (Habitat Design Architect)

Floral Wallpaper
Mural Wallpaper

Your walls would need a little extra decor next year! We’re using wallpaper more than ever before, and not just limiting it to the four walls either. You will see more experiments with geometrical patterns and floral wallpaper, more precisely botanical prints to make one feel closer to nature.

Wall Colour: Heartwood

“Heartwood is a beautiful colour and it is going to be welcomed into our homes in 2018.  It is a nourishing warmth of wood and tactile comfort of leather that adds a sense of harmony” says Interior Designer Twinkle (Emotional Interiors)

Heartwood is going to be the wall colour of the year 2018, according to Dulux. A soft and warm tone of pink, it draws a lot from the tangible qualities of natural wood and leather, conveying a sense of comfort and ease in response. Who would not want to nestle down on a homecoming treat like this!

Velvet Fabric

“Velvets have always been an in-thing. My studio too consists of a beautiful purple coloured velvet sofa as a center-piece against a Spanish tiled wall, and it is here to stay.” – says Interior Designer Rajneet Kaur (Studio Grey Interiors Solution)

2018 is going to be the year when vintage will be back with a bang with velvety fabrics on statement sofas, couch, ottomans and even pillows. Dark hues of blue, orange and fuschia are going to be favourites for sofa against metallic pastels for wall colours. Get ready to expect a lot more drama, pinpointing your living room.

Cane Furniture

“Back to the era of cane work!! Not just the classic hanging chairs ideal in the balcony, but cane will make a comeback fused with modern day furniture”, says Interior Designer Akanksha Khanna (Under My Roof)

Vintage Hollywood styles have made a big comeback in the last decade, and now we’re seeing the domino effect: cane furniture (seating and tables woven from rattan vine) and geometric cane patterns are spreading like wildfire. Combined with warm textiles, natural wood and metallic pastel walls, cane furniture helps a room combine farmhouse and shabby-chic home styles. The great thing about cane furniture is it looks as good indoor as it does outdoor.

Moody Photograph Frames

“I love moody photography! It gives an intense and calm feel to a space. Use it in your entryway, or your living room, or your hallway or even your bedroom. The impression of moody photography is classic, elegant and sophisticated. I vouch for moody photography to be one of the biggest home trends of 2018.” – Kshitiz Kapoor (Habitat Design Architect)

Let your walls breathe a more dramatic and intense space with moody photograph frames in 2018. Quoted frames are apparently becoming passe, and giving way to particularly dark and dramatic photos and it is going to continue being one of the trendiest elements of home decor.

Ikat Print

“Ikat is a beautiful pattern with an Indian touch. It warms up a space and gives weightage without much styling around it.” says Interior Designer Sparshi Gupta (The Art Effect)

It is generally considered a demure pattern as its bold, daring and energetic, making it a show stealer in any home space. 2018 will see Ikat not being just a print on pillows, drapes and wallpapers. Neutral solids are always a good bet when playing matchmaker with Ikat. But you will also see a lot of pattern pairing with Ikat to allow a free flowing of eclectic taste.

Brass Metal 

“We are seeing brass everywhere from tabletop, to frames, furniture, home accessories, and seasonal decor. There is something about that warm brass colour that feels luxurious in a home. If accessorized right, brass can really bring a space to life” – says Interior Designer Twinkle Khanna (Emotional Interiors)

In the never ending trend of mixing metals, polished brass are back in a big way. Let the hardware swapping commence. This trend may be considered one of the outdated home decor, but it made an appearance in 2016 and it is expected to do so once again in 2018, so all of those who have brass in their home, celebrate having a trendy home decor before it is even trending.

Let these exclusive home design trends inspire you for the coming year and you never know 2018 might just shock us all with newer design trends, so stay tuned! Happy homing! 🙂

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