AC Leaking Water? 5 Reasons Why And Their Solutions


An air conditioning unit is an absolute necessity during summers. As long as the air conditioning system functions smoothly, we never go for air conditioner maintenance or servicing. This can cause malfunction in the AC parts, AC leaking water being the most common problem. Let’s look at some common AC leakage problems and how to fix AC.

5 Common Problems Leading To Leakage In The AC

Water dripping out through the main unit implies that it is not working, resulting in your AC leaking water. There could be several reasons behind the occurrence of such a problem. Let us discuss few of them:

1. Improper installation: If your air conditioning unit has been recently installed and is leaking, the most likely reason is a faulty air conditioning installation. This means that both the AC and the drainage pipes are not proportional. These disrupts the water-flow out of the drainage pan directly to the outlet. The water may be flowing backward or lying at the same level if not being able to stream ahead. During the air conditioning installation, make sure that the pipe is at a lower height as compared to the main unit, so that it allows the water to flow downwards towards the drainage outlet. You can easily Hire Urban Company’s  air conditioning installation service to help you install your AC.

2. Clogged drain pipe: Dirt and debris can block the drainage pipe of your air conditioning unit. This will block the condensate to flow out through the drainage system. When the water can’t flow outwards, it will overflow to the main air conditioning unit. This will lead to your AC leaking water. Make sure, you clean your AC on a regular basis. The easier way is to call for expert service from Urban Company to service your air conditioning unit.

3. Dirt in the air filter: The air flowing inside the air conditioning unit can make the AC filters dirty with grime. This can block the airflow over the evaporator coils due to which the temperature of the coils can drop to a freezing level. In such a situation, instead of moisture, ice begins to form over the coils, dripping excess amount of water in the drainage pan. The pan runs out of capacity to hold the extra water, resulting in AC leaking water through the main unit. Air conditioner cleaning on a monthly basis to remove the build-up of dust and debris. An AC troubleshooting guide can guide you to fix such small issues. The other way to do it is by calling in the experts from Urban Company to service and maintain your AC.

4. Low refrigerant/gas: When the refrigerant or the AC gas (as it is more popularly called) leaks, it lowers the pressure inside the AC unit. This freezes the evaporator coils causing a similar overflow of water in the drainage pan.

5. Damaged drain pan: If your air conditioning unit is old, the drain pan that collects the condensate, has become damaged or rusted. In such a situation, water will not collect  and will leak through the main unit instead.


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Can this be repaired? 

Now that you know the various reasons why your AC is leaking, you must be wondering how to fix AC? Well, the answer to this question depends on the severity of the damage that has taken place. You can solve most of the issues. However, several other reasons for the leakage or no draining of water can be solved only by an experienced technician.

How to fix the common leakage problems? (Solutions)

As mentioned earlier, the regular problems can be worked upon and brought to control. Let us find out what all can be done:

  1. Re-installation: If you find out that the problem is due to bad or wrong air conditioning installation technique, you must immediately call a technician for a detailed overview and a re-installation if required.
  2. Unblocking the clogged drain pipe: If you come across a clogged drainage pipe, use a wet or a dry pump to suck out the clog completely. This will release the blockage and allow the water to drain smoothly.
  3. Replacement of the drain pan: If the drain pan is broken or damaged, get it replaced at the earliest.
  4. Clean the air filter: The AC filter must be cleaned regularly. After every short interval, say a month, you must take out the AC filter and clean it under running water.


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Do it yourself or take help from professionals?

Seeking help from a professional is always a wise decision. It helps you save time, effort and money. An experienced technician will assess the problem rightly and provide the most suitable solution. Urban Company offers a unique platform for you to connect with qualified and experienced service providers, who will reach out to you with fast and reliable solutions.


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