15+ Indian Kitchen Design Images from Real Homes

Have you ever wondered why Indian kitchen design is not given as much attention as other areas of the house? And this despite kitchen being the busiest or most ...

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Have you ever wondered why Indian kitchen design is not given as much attention as other areas of the house? And this despite kitchen being the busiest or most used spaces in our homes! Ironic, right?

Well, we don’t believe that modern kitchens should ever get the short end of the stick. So, we rummaged through all our modular kitchen design images on the Urban Company portal to select the cream of the lot for you — a collection that will make you want to redo your cook-space. Take a look at these 15 beautiful kitchen interior design ideas (for small Indian homes too!), and turn it into everyone’s favourite meet-up point.

1. Add a pop of colour & accessorise

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional DPA Design

Don’t you just love how this gorgeous blue peninsula brings in a burst of colour to this elegant single wall kitchen in beige and white? Plus, that eye-catching geometric pendant lamp further accentuates the entire look. Add two bar stools and you’ve got yourself a fantastic breakfast counter inside your kitchen!

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Interior Design by Urban Company Professional DPA Design

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2. Open it up & make it inviting

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Zero9

Nailing that modern layout-meets-traditional accessories look, this semi-open kitchen stays connected with the rest of the home, thanks to partition shelves on the left, and two window-like arched openings straight ahead. The wooden cabinetry, white G4 stone countertop and earthy yellow backsplash make this Indian kitchen design a warm and inviting one — perfect if you’re a family that loves to gather in this area!

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3. Go sophisticated with grey

Who says grey is dull and boring? This all-grey model kitchen with double-stacked cabinets is all about understated luxury. The black countertop breaks the flow and the raised panel cabinetry adds to the grandeur. We’re imagining potted herbs and a teal floor rug to bring out that grey even more! What do you think?

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4. Adopt farmhouse chic

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Shreya Bhimani Designs

Beautiful kitchens look like this! If you’re a fan of the American farmhouse kitchen style, here’s inspiration right from an Indian apartment. Powder blue base cabinets and a vintage crockery display unit on the right are so on-point, that even the modern handle-less wall cabinets and the sleek grey appliances don’t take away from them. And hey, don’t miss that stunning blue patterned backsplash and grey antique tile flooring. So much character!

5. Ace that white

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Stories Design Studio

Want to make your all-white kitchen come alive? A glazed light blue backsplash and eye-catching wall art work like magic in this new model kitchen. Semi-open and with a neat little island, we also like how it makes space for a compact dining set-up at its one end, therefore, partitioning the dining and kitchen space from the rest of this modern Indian apartment.

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6. Focus on natural light

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Nakul Baghel

If you’re opting for a U-shaped kitchen, we have a simple tip for you! Include a large window at the U-end. Just like this grid window! It’s the central focus point of this kitchen, and floods in ample natural light (meaning a better state of mind!) that bounces off the white and orange cabinets and countertop. A patterned backsplash helps breaks the uniformity.

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7. Cheer up with yellow

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Dhruva Samal & Associates

Remember how we said grey isn’t boring anymore? Well, here’s another way to bring out the beauty of the colour: With splashes of yellow! We elaborate on this with two kitchen design images. In the above one, two coats of a glossy sunflower yellow to the inside frame of the entrance and to an extra wall, give the space a wonderful balance between industrial and feminine.

Here’s another example: In this kitchen design, yellow breaks the grey, which, in turn, offers a perfect backdrop for brightly-coloured appliances, fruits and potted plants. Also, if you want a streamlined look, a brilliant idea is to go for handle-less cabinets with aluminium finger pulls — something that many new kitchen designs for Indian homes have nowadays.

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8. Stay minimal

Don’t like busy kitchens? Try a cosy, Scandinavian style. You can include a minimal and wooden floor-to-ceiling wall cabinetry, along with in-built shelves for appliances and other utilities. The white along the other two edges of this U-shaped kitchen are perfect ingredients of a minimal look, giving this space a serene and relaxed aura.

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9. Keep it simple & elegant

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Narayan Moorthy

This simple kitchen is a perfect example of how the colours of natural wood and white always work. Always. Want to give this two-tone combination a modern take? Then pair glossy white wall cabinets on the top with the warm tones of light stained wood on the base.

10. Write your own story

Image: Courtesy Sahana Singh of Home Canvas

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, this one is for you! Lighten up the mood in your kitchen with adorable illustrations interspersed with funny handwritten quotes about food and cooking. Not only is it a great weekend DIY project, but it also makes for a conversation starter when you have friends over for dinner!

11. Use that extra space

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional JS Interior Decorator & Designer

Islands have traditionally been used as extra prep space or a dining substitute, but here’s another way of working them: By moving either the sink or the stove to it. While a sink (above) helps you easily move utensils and vegetables for rinsing and washing, an island stove (below) would make you more involved with the rest of the house while cooking. Though it all comes down to personal choice, we personally don’t fancy a pile-up of utensils on the island!

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Huzzpa

12. Chequer with black and white

Want to adopt the two most classic colours in your Indian kitchen? This L-shaped design shows you how by embracing a chequered mix of black and white cabinetry with a black granite countertop. Letting go of a backsplash allows breathing space into this beautiful Indian kitchen design.

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13. Experiment with texture

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Huzzpa

Though the look is classic, this kitchen experiments with texture seamlessly. On the one hand, pull-out wicker baskets break the monotony of the dominant wooden appearance, while on the other hand, perforated metal inserts in the wall cabinets offer a shiny contrast.

14. Dip in paint

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Narayan Moorthy

Sometimes, all you need to do is just paint all over your furniture for an instant boost! This set of rustic table and breakfast chairs add length to the original peninsula, but not before getting a good coat of bright yellow and green paint. Looks fabulous against a neutral background, right?

Psst, find similar tables and chairs at your local street furniture market — Oshiwara furniture market and Chor Bazaar in Mumbai; Sikanderpur market in Gurgaon; Amar Colony and Kirti Nagar in Delhi; Poddar road and Bowbazar in Kolkata; and Juna Bazaar and Baji Rao road in Pune. And get them painted!

15. Go sleek in a small kitchen

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Kshama Rane

Got small space issues? Want to save space but also want a sleek look? Try a horizontal scheme like this one! This small Indian kitchen design includes rows of narrow base drawers with stainless steel channels at the top of each (for easy pull-out), and wall cabinets with lift-up handles (to open up out and upwards). We’re especially loving the sage green and off-grey cabinetry with the traditional black granite countertop.

Speaking of green, here’s a kitchen slaying an apple green hue.

Interior Design by Urban Company Professional Monnaie Architects & Interiors

So, those are our Indian kitchen design ideas for you! What design are you planning to go for? We’d love to know in the comments below!

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