Why You Should Book Urban Company’s Disinfection Service

Words like hygiene, cleanliness and sanitization have taken on an altogether new meaning in our lives today. Words that were essential but ordinary, have become crucial and non-negotiable.

As concern around the current worldwide pandemic situation refuses to die down anytime soon, cleaning  & disinfecting our homes continues to remain the No. 1 priority for each one of us.

Keeping this need of the hour in mind, Urban Company has launched Disinfection Services for homes & commercial spaces in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad.

urban company disinfection service

Here are 3 reasons why you should book Urban Company’s Disinfection service:

1. Use of certified, hospital-grade disinfectants that kill viruses

Our professionals use chemicals that have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency as disinfectants that can kill viruses, harmful germs & bacteria.

2. Professionals equipped with protective gear

Our fully-trained & equipped service providers wear a full body protective suit — including gloves, face masks, safety goggles and shoe covers — while delivering the service to ensure your protection as well as their own.

3. Total sanitisation of high-touch surfaces

Th disinfection service includes fumigation of the entire area followed by a wiping of the high-touch points such as doors, handles, switchboards and taps — for a complete and thorough disinfection.

So, if you have been looking towards getting your house thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, you know which service to book and from whom!



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