Where To Find The Best Wedding Invites & Save The Date Cards Online: For FREE!


You might love paper invitations, but most of you will also look for an E-vite version for your wedding invitations. You’ll either want to send it on Whatsapp to serve as a convenient reminder and reference for guests, or choose the eco-friendly option and do ONLY email invites.

Whatever your reason for wanting a digital wedding invite, there are surprisingly amazing places where you can create FREE online wedding invitations! Of course, hiring a wedding invite designer is your best bet if you want a highly personalised Save The Date and complete wedding invite suite. But for those of us who are on a tight budget and have some time to spare,  free wedding and engagement invitation card makers are great!

Please note that free doesn’t always mean ugly. This is a curated list of places where you can create beautiful wedding invites for FREE online.

  1. Paperless Post – A popular website that has Indian wedding invitation templates that are super easy to create & share via email + they’re the specialists when it comes to digital invites
  2. Minted Weddings – all their gorgeous Engagement Ceremony & Bachelorette Party e-vites are completely free till mid-August of 2018!
  3. Canva – Endless options for wedding invites that you can hyper-customise, paid versions are ridiculously cheap (Rs.50-160 one-time payment for the entire design!)
  4. Spark Post – Just like Canva, but with limited templates, this one’s for those who just want a free, easier-to-use version of Photoshop to create just about any type of design

Scroll down for details of what and how you can create free wedding invitation cards on these websites – for Indian weddings!

1. Paperless Post

It serves as a great substitute to receiving and opening a printed wedding invite. Guests get the card in an email, that then opens to reveal a card that “comes out of the envelope”.

  • How Beautiful Are The Free Designs? Very! While their paid designs are intricate and decorative, their free design templates are beautiful too, albeit simpler. You can also add beautiful envelope liners and stamps!
  • Format of Delivery: It’s an e-vite that’s shared ONLY via email, which also means you can keep track of RSVP’s by your guests.
This is a screenshot. Experience the evite here.

You can add multiple pages to your card, which means you can have a separate “insert” for each function – Mehendi, Sangeet, Reception, etc.

  • Best For: Save The Dates, Roka or Engagement Ceremony invite, Full Wedding Card, Bridal Showers, Bachelor & Bachelorette party invitations – they’ve got everything if you want to send an email invitation!
  • Difficulty Level of Creating Your Invite: Easy!
  • BONUS! They’re the only website that has a dedicated section for Indian wedding invites (although most designs in this section are paid)! Which makes their templates incredibly easy to use. You can even add a Ganesh ji logo onto your card.
  • Price for Paid Designs: If you buy 1000 coins @localhost $90, you can send e-vites for about 60 rupees per card. Which is similarly priced to high-end evites, and yet cheaper than high-end printed invites by a LOT!

2. Minted Weddings – NEW!

They’re almost as good as Paperless Post, but their free offering is limited to Bachelorette Party & Engagement invitations at the moment.

  • How Beautiful Are The Free Designs? Really, really beautiful! Their online wedding invites offering is brand new, so it’s completely free till mid-August of 2018.
  • Format of Delivery: Same as Paperless Post – an e-vite that’s shared ONLY via email (opens up in a similar way), which also means you can keep track of RSVP’s by your guests.

Minted weddings - engagement invitation card maker free - blue watercolour engagement party evite

Because it’s a single page invite, you can take a screenshot of the e-vite to share with guests on Whatsapp.

  • Best For: Engagement Ceremony & Bachelorette Parties only at the moment – to share via email or Whatsapp
  • Difficulty Level of Creating Your Invite: Moderately Easy

3. Canva

Canva, as well as Adobe’s Spark Post (next on the list), is essentially a website & app that makes graphic designing easy. Of course, wedding invites are one of the things you can create here. But you can’t track RSVP’s, obviously.

  • How Beautiful Are The Free Designs? Moderately. The paid ones are slightly better AND affordable, so you can check them out guilt-free.
  • Format of Delivery: Photo or PDF with multiple-pages (for a complete wedding invite) – that you can send via email or Whatsapp. They also give you a print-friendly version!

Elegant rose illustration on beige backdrop - free online wedding invitation templates on Canva website and app

You can add pages to your invite, which means different inserts for every function.

beautiful pink watercolour digital invite made from free template on Canva - for Indian wedding

Or you can add everything to a single page.

  • Best For: Save The Dates, Engagement or Roka Ceremony, Full Wedding Invites (with single and multiple-pages), Destination Wedding invites
  • Difficulty Level of Creating Your Invite: Moderately Easy, since they have 100s of templates for everything! From beach weddings to boarding pass invites and even Mehendi ceremony templates + everything’s highly customisable.
  • Price for Paid Designs: Pay as little as 60 rupees for downloading the paid designs without a watermark!
  • ProTip: Choose a template that has space to write more text if you’re adding your entire wedding itinerary here (Engagement, Mehendi, Sangeet, Wedding, Reception) – best to add all info on a single card

4. Adobe’s Spark Post

It’s similar to Canva – has a website and app (only on iOS). But it has only a handful of free Save The Date templates and no easy-to-use templates for Indian wedding invites. It’s basically like an easier version of Photoshop where you have to create something from scratch, but they have attractive Fonts, Elements, Layout and Colour Palette combos that makes it easier for you to come up with a decent looking invite. However, your design’s creativity is limited by your own imagination. So those looking for a blank canvas with a little support (from everything except a full-on template), who don’t know how to use Photoshop, will find this awesome.

  • How Beautiful Are The Free Designs? Everything’s free 🙂
  • Format of Delivery: Photo or animated video, can’t track RSVP’s
Save The Date templates you can use
  • Best For: Save The Dates, Bridal Shower and Engagement Party invites
  • Difficulty Level of Creating Your Invite: Moderately hard
  • ProTip: You can either use their featured templates, or create yours from scratch – which includes finding a background image. Try searching for watercolour, flatlay, flowers and marble for interesting backdrop options for your wedding invite.
We created this Save The Date using a flat lay flower backdrop.
  • BONUS! Try adding effects (super easy to add!) to your invite and create a cool animated version of it to send to your wedding guests.

Now that you know where you can find free online wedding invitations, you might need help with wording these cards. Check out our Wedding Invite Wordings Guide!

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Featured image courtesy: Artsy Design Co.