What You Should Keep In Mind For The Perfect Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

We all know what a pre wedding photo shoot is, or do we? It is like a warm up for the picture marathon that your wedding promises to be. ...

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We all know what a pre wedding photo shoot is, or do we? It is like a warm up for the picture marathon that your wedding promises to be. It is also a great way to get acquainted with your photographer and get comfortable in front of the camera.


So what does it take to get the natural ‘poses’ right? For the perfect pre wedding shoot, one needs to be comfortable with the idea in the first place. A love story is like a pot of mutton stew, it takes its time to bring in that much-needed flavour. You fall in love and then you decide to hold each other from falling, for life. When you do put in that much effort in making a saga out of your story, why not put in that effort when it is being photographed?

But here’s the happy part- it doesn’t take much of an effort to get the dream photo album. We, at Urban Company, suggest some points you should keep in mind, to make it all simple:

1) Get Acquainted: Your photographer is like an author of your story, only he writes it through his pictures. In this case, pictures have to speak more than a thousand words. It is only imperative that you meet your photographer, spend some time over coffee and get to know him or her. Only when you are comfortable with your photographer, you will be able to share your personal story.


2) Location: Does your soul light up with joy in the majestic serenity of old monuments or do you find your groove in the hulchul of a colorful, crowded street in Karol Bagh? Settle on pre wedding photo shoot locations that can bring out who you are as individuals or those that have a special meaning to the both of you.

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3) Props and Accessories: Add a little funky spirit to your shoot with colorful pre wedding photo shoot props and accessories! It could be something as simple as oversized glasses or straw hats, to the royal finery of the kings and queens of the yore. If you want to get straight to the point, do shop and spend time in deciding what to wear for the shoot.

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4) Lose your inhibitions: If you are conscious, it will show. Love is about two people, lost in their own little world and finding their way together. So decide to have fun at your pre wedding photo shoot, and trust us, that will show too.

People often say that it’s not the destination but the journey that counts. It couldn’t be truer when it comes to the journey of a lifetime. After all, you’re marrying your soul mate and a love of that kind deserves to be captured forever….captured the right way

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