What to Do (and Not Do) After a Salon Visit



In this post you will learn:

  • Common mistakes you make after waxing
  • Easy after waxing care tips to follow
  • Simple tricks to make your facial glow last longer
  • Useful tips to follow after using face bleach

Let’s start with our most reason for a salon visit – waxing.

The Most Common Mistakes Made After Waxing

#1. Exposing Waxed Skin to Heat

Waxing is hard on the skin and you don’t want to irritate it further by exposing it to heat. It could cause more redness and bumps. By staying away from heat, we mean avoiding sunlight, hot water baths, and saunas (in case you hit the gym) for a full day.

#2. Swimming Immediately After

Many skin care experts advice staying away from chlorinated water for a full 24 hours after getting waxed. So, stay away from the swimming pool the day you get your waxing done.

#3. Scrubbing Your Skin

Do not use any kind of scrub, however gentle or mild, on your body or face after getting waxed and threaded. We would add loofahs to that list too.


You should give your skin a good scrub a full 2 days after your waxing session. This will help prevent the chances of ingrown hair.

#4. Wearing Tight Clothes…Especially After a Bikini Wax

Wearing tight, synthetic under clothes. After getting your bikini line waxed, you need to wear clothes that allow your skin to breathe. Choose natural fabrics like cotton.


Post-Waxing (& Threading) Care Steps You Should Be Following Instead

Threading Do and Dont

#1. Wear Sunscreen. Please.

Waxing and threading make your skin very sensitive to sunlight. The easiest thing to do avoid skin damage, is to carry some sunscreen when you visit the salon. Ask your salon professional to apply it for you after wiping off the wax.

#2. Apply Aloe Vera Gel When You Get Home

Aloe vera gel, or a freshly sliced aloe vera leaf if you’re an organic soul, will soothe redness and settle the bumps that appear after waxing.

#3. Or Rub an Ice Cube Instead

Beside soothing the redness, ice cubes will also help close the pores. The other alternative is take a cool (not cold) shower.

#4. Use Cooled Tea bags for the Brows

Pop some used tea bags in the freezer for ten minutes, before gently dabbing them over your eyebrow and upper lip. The redness will be disappear in 15 minutes.


Things to Skip to Make Your Facial Glow Last Longer

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#1. Skip Makeup

Facials open up your pores, thanks to all the steaming and scrubbing. Heavy makeup will clog your pores, giving way to pimples and acne.  Best to stay makeup-free the whole day to keep your pores clear.

#2. Skip the Gym

It’s best to skip your workout session on the day you get a facial. You don’t want sweat clogging up those open pores.

#3. In Fact, Skip the Outdoors Entirely

Open pores are an open invitation to dust, dirt, and bacteria entering your skin. The ideal thing to do would be to schedule your salon appointment for the evening, since there’s little much to do at the end of the day.

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#4. Skip Your Skincare Routine – Especially Soap!

Your facial skin has experienced its fair share of products, with that cleansing milk, scrub, pack, and everything else. The best thing to do would be to skip your personal skin care routine after a facial, and give your face a break. Especially from soaps and even face washes.

#5. Skip the Scrub

Don’t use a scrub on your face for a good 5-7 days after a facial. We’re sure your salon professional did a good job of getting rid of dead skin, so you can safely wait for a week before scrubbing your face again.

#6. Oh and.. DON’T Touch Your Face!

You don’t want to transfer the bacteria from your fingers to your face.

Instead, it would be a good idea to change your pillowcase since it accumulates dust, dirt, and bacteria. Sleeping on the same pillow case will reverse the glowing effects of a facial.


Some Face Bleach After Care Tips to Follow

#1. Do Not Apply More Chemicals on Your Face

That includes your face wash and cold cream. This is for two reasons. One, face bleach is a very strong chemical especially for facial skin, so it’s best to skip your beauty routine for the day and let your skin be. Second, another chemical could reduce the bleaching effects.

#2. Do Not Step Out in the Sun

Bleach makes your facial skin extra sensitive. Staying out in the sun after a face bleach could damage your skin.

#3. Do Not Forget to Drink Water AFTER the service

Face bleach dehydrates your skin, so be sure to drink up to restore the lost moisture.