Wedding Makeup Tips for Outdoor and Day Weddings

Day weddings have a wonderful charm of their own, whether they take place under the scorching and bright summer sun or the comforting and warm sun rays in the ...

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Day weddings have a wonderful charm of their own, whether they take place under the scorching and bright summer sun or the comforting and warm sun rays in the winter. If you are getting wed under the sunlight, your bridal gameplay completely changes and the concerns are completely different from an evening or night wedding. Here are a few helpful tips to help you decide your day bridal makeup look.

1. Use Waterproof Makeup: Heat and humidity can easily cause you carefully applied makeup base to melt. Sounds disastrous, doesn’t it? Don’t even begin with the melting mascara, sweat beads on perfectly applied lipstick and smudged kohl and liner! To make your makeup melt proof you HAVE to request your makeup artist to use waterproof makeup which includes waterproof makeup foundation, eyeliner, mascara and kajal. A pro tip is to lock in your makeup with a translucent face powder, which not only makes your makeup melt proof but also makes it last longer.

2. Go For a Soft Makeup Look: Now you don’t want to look like the midnight queen with bold smokey eyes and dark lips during the day! The look works for most brides at night, but for a day wedding, it is best to stick to nudes, corals, peach shades, light metallic and pink tones. This will ensure great pictures as soft makeup always compliments the natural sunlight.

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Bridal Makeup by Avinash Shetty

3. Strobing versus Contouring: As a bride, you want your face to look sharp, stunning and slim, but contouring will definitely not work in your favour as the contour lines are more likely to look stark in your day photographs. Instead, focus on highlighting your best features using strobing or highlighting. Pink or coral blushes are your best bet.

Bridal Makeup by Avinash Shetty

4. Use Hydrating Face Mists: Nothing looks prettier than a glowing bride under the sun. Do not shy away from using highlighters and sparkles in your makeup. To add to your glowing look, use hydrating makeup setting sprays which give a fresh and dewy look, perfect for a summer day.

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5. Plump your Lips with Gloss: When it comes to lips, it is best to avoid heavily pigmented dark lip shades. Use lighter shades of red, pink, orange, peach and so on. Nude lips also look great. To accentuate and plump up your lips use transparent or glitter lip gloss. The irresistible look is sure to steal glances, as if being the bride wasn’t enough!

6. Easy on the Eyeliner: When it comes to liners during the day, the rule is to avoid bold, long or thick lines. Try to keep it simple with a thin line. If you still want something more dramatic, you can go for aqua shades like blue or green. Glitter liners are also great for the day time.

7. Mind those Eyebrows: Lastly, but still very important are the brows. Eyebrows play a major role in framing your face. Avoid over lining and darkening your brows. Instead just highlight or darken the ends and the arch points, which will give shape to your brows without taking away the softness of your look.

These little tips will go a long way in ensuring that your wedding photographs turned out great!

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