Wedding Invite Wordings Guide: RSVP, Compliments & Gifts (With Examples From Real Wedding Cards!)


This is a part of the complete Invite Wordings Guide for your Indian Wedding.

Deciding wedding card wordings is not an easy task for an Indian wedding. While your invite might be written in English, there’s a unique Indian style in which we word our wedding cards.

Once you’ve figured out the basics (the host line, request line, information line!) you need to figure out which family members should be mentioned under the “with best compliments” part, what to include in the RSVP line and how to politely say you don’t want gifts (or “no boxed gifts”!)

To make it easy for you, here are the best wedding invitation wording ideas we found for these 3 sections of the card!

1. RSVP Line

Most people don’t think too much about this part. But when you’re sending the wedding card matter to the Invitation Designer, he will need you to specify the RSVP wordings.

The person mentioned here is the one most guests will call to:

  • Actually RSVP! In Indian weddings, it’s mostly guests who are travelling from another city or country and will need accommodation arranged for them
  • Ask about wedding details (such as exact itinerary, transport arrangement, dress code, etc)
  • Ask for directions to the venue (yes, even on their way to the venue on the day of the function!)

So, whose name & number should you add in the RSVP line?

Ideally, put 2 people who will actually be available on their phone to answer questions in the lead up to the wedding as well as on the actual function dates. Two names so that if guests can’t get through to one number, they can get through another.

Sample Wedding Invitation RSVP Wordings

Option 1: With Just Phone Numbers



Karan Kapoor +91-988888888

Mira Kapoor +91-9777777777

NOTE: Some people add email addresses. But these days most people are equally comfortable sending an SMS or Whatsapp message to RSVP and ask questions, so you can leave the email address off.

Option 2: With Phone Number + Wedding Website


RSVP: 988888888 / 9777777777

[email protected]

2. With Best Compliments

Some of us will have a hard time figuring out the “Best Compliments From” part of the card where we have to try and add the name of every single member of your extended family, lest anyone gets offended at being excluded!

“Hamaara naam kyun nahi daala?” Yes, the drama at an Indian wedding begins even before the actual functions kick off!

Thankfully, there are many ways to include your closest family members & friends in your marriage invitation wording.

Options for the First Line – Alternatives to With Best Compliments From:

“With Best Compliments From” is actually an awkward phrase in the English language. Instead, choose one of the following grammatically correct phrases –

      1. With Best Compliments…followed by names of relatives. This is the standard line everyone uses.
      2. With Best Wishes
      3. Best Compliments
      4. Sharing the Love
      5. Sharing The Joy & Happiness

This is followed by the names of your relatives. Again, you have options!

SCENARIO #1: You don’t want to add a long list of names because you want to keep the invitation card matter short and to the point.

Option 1: Just adding your grandparents’ full names and the family names (maternal & paternal side)


With compliments from

[Paternal grandmother & grandfather’s names]

[Maternal grandmother & grandfather’s names]

The Sharma & Gupta Family

Option 2: Mention only family surnames (maternal & paternal)


With compliments from

The Sharma & Gupta Family

Option 3: Mention family surnames, and add a special section for your niece & nephew (if your sibling has kids)


Best Compliments From

The Verma Family

The Jaipuriar Family

Joyously Awaiting

Veer & Lyla

Option 4: Make it all-encompassing – this especially works well if you have a variety of surnames in the family

Example 1

With compliments from

All Family Members

Example 2

With compliments from

Friends & Family

SCENARIO #2: When you HAVE to add names of multiple sets of relatives.

Option 1: If your closest set of relatives have different surnames, you would want to add their full names.


With best compliments

Sarita & Ashok Kalra

Karan & Arti Chawla

Anasuya & Pradeep Kiran

Shikha & Ganesh Goyal

Tip: Avoid addressing them as Mrs. Sarita & Mr. Ashok Kalra to keep the list looking uncluttered. However, if you have relatives who are doctors or have similar professions, you might not have an option but to add salutations for ALL family members.

Option 2: If most of your closest set of relatives have the same surname, you can opt for a visually uncluttered way.

Example 1

With best compliments

Sarita – Ashok

Karan – Arti

Aryan Chawla

Anasuya – Pradeep

Shikha – Ganesh

Neha Goyal

People will naturally understand that the first two couples are “Chawlas” and the last two couples are “Goyals”.

Example 2

This is what a bride from the Kala Family did on her wedding card –

With Best Compliments

Arpit – Riddhima

Manas – Sonam

Naman – Urvashi

Adit Kala

& Entire Kala Family

Option 3: If you have want to add everyone’s names, make this section interesting for the guests – include how you’re related to the family member!


With best compliments

Name 1 (Tau Ji)

Name 2 (Tai Ji)

Name 3, Name 4 & Name 5 (Bua Ji)

Name 6 (Mama Ji)

Name 7 (Mami Ji)

Name 8 (Nana Ji)

Option 4: If you have a really long list of relatives to add to this list, mentioning a few and then add “friends & family” or the family name at the end.

Example 1

With best compliments

Sarita & Ashok Kalra

Karan & Arti Chawla

Baby Veer

Friends & Family

Example 2

With Best Compliments

[Couple 1]

[Couple 2]

[Couple 3]

Along With All Relatives & Friends

Example 3

With Best Compliments From:

Madhu – Vishal

Avantika, Shiv


Kampani Family

3. The Line About Gifts

A lot of people feel awkward mentioning gifts on their wedding invite, but in an Indian wedding, the guests will most definitely be getting the couple something! Yes, expect to receive atleast a shagun envelope, a bouquet of flowers or even a re-gift!

Etiquette gurus will tell you it’s best not to mention gifts at all, but if you’re sure you don’t want any (or atleast no boxed gifts), it’s best to mention it on the card itself.

Scenario #1: If you don’t want gifts AT ALL (including bouquets)

Here are some better alternatives to “no gifts please” for wording your wedding invitation-

I. General Phrases

  • Blessings only (the most commonly used phrase)
  • No gifts please, Blessings in Abundance
  • Your blessings are our most precious gift
  • Your presence is your present
  • Your presence is present enough
  • Blessings are your greatest gift and the only one we request
  • Your presence & blessings only

II. Specify no flowers (since guests will often bring bouquets so they don’t come “empty handed”)

  • No gifts or flowers, please // All we want is your presence and good wishes

III. Specifying the reason why you don’t want gifts

  • No gifts please, the bride & groom will be travelling light

IV. Tell Them What To Bring Instead

  • Bring your sunniest smiles, your best banter & your most daring dance moves. Please do not bring any gifts – your company is all we want.

Scenario #2: If you want them to give money to a charity of your choice.

This is a rare sight in India, but if you’re one of those couples who prefer to have your guests make a contribution to your favourite charity, these are sample wordings:

  • We request that your generous gifts are given in form of a donation to XYZ charity to share our joy with others more in need.

Scenario #3: If you don’t mind gifts, but would prefer cash or gift vouchers.

Or in other words, you want no gifts but money – you won’t mind. Some people put down the words directly “no boxed gifts” but we think these might be some better options:

  • We kindly request no boxed gifts
  • As we are planning on moving across the country, we kindly request no boxed gifts
  • While we appreciate your love and prayers above all, we kindly request no boxed gifts

It’s best to mention “boxed gifts” if it’s a common practice to use this phrase in your culture. If not, it’s better to not mention anything about gifts.

Special Note on Wedding Gift Registries

As of today, in India, gift registries have still not caught on so unless you’re having a tight-knit affair with only the closest family and friends, it’s best not to mention a gift registry in a wedding card.

We hope you found this guide to invitation card wordings helpful! Stay tuned for more!

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