“We created an impact that’ll last!”: Resham’s reflections on her times at UC’s Clean-Up Drives


Since Urban Company kicked off its CSR campaign under the banner ‘Come Let’s Clean!’, Resham Wadhwa, Staff Data Scientist at Urban Company, has been one of the regular volunteers. 

Standing true to UC’s dominant identity as a market leader in the home cleaning space, employee volunteers have taken a stand to ensure hygiene and sanitization in community spaces. 

We spoke to Resham to learn about her experience as a Come Let’s Clean! volunteer and what motivates her to participate in every drive. 

Have you always been passionate about social service and community involvement?

I have tried to do so ever since I started working. Before joining UC’s cleaning drives, I had volunteered in schools that are run by NGOs, schools that are run under a flyover, as well as a school that is being run by a resident association in Delhi. In my previous organization, I helped organize a donation drive for underprivileged school students. 

I see volunteerism as an opportunity to be a part of community growth. In all my experiences, I have realized that everyone wants to help, but the first step is always the hardest – which in this case is to organize a drive. 

Thankfully, Urban Company’s CSR team solved the hardest part for us. 

How would you summarize your experience volunteering for ‘Come Let’s Clean!’ for two consecutive drives?

I had been looking for reliable NGOs in Gurgaon for the past few months, and learning that UC has begun such a drive was a dream-come-true for me. 

The second visit was especially close to my heart as, along with creating a bigger impact, I also got to connect with the middle school students who volunteered to clean with us! 

The clean-up drives were more than a social event – we learned the sequence of the process of cleaning along with the product details. The folks at the NGOs that we partnered with were taught about the importance of cleaning and the products used as well. They were provided with cleaning supplies so that they could keep the circle of hygiene going. In these drives, we truly created an impact that’ll last!

Resham with school students from Govt. Primary and Senior Secondary School, Kherla

What’s your message to employees in the organization? 

We are all in very comfortable positions in our lives. But not everyone in our society has the luxuries that we do. Even getting a clean classroom and having a hot meal makes someone’s day. 

Volunteering not only helps one understand the world outside our comfort zone but also makes us realize how privileged we are. Giving your time and energy to help others achieve their goals gives one a sense of satisfaction and purpose. 

You don’t have to make any long term commitments – but do go on at least one of these drives and experience it for yourself. I promise you that you will feel good about yourself at the end of the day. 


What are some of your tips for balancing work and active volunteerism?

The thing that works for me is preemptive planning. Keeping the drive a priority and adjusting my calendar events around it helps me not stress out around the drive. Mentally, I make it a mandatory task for me. I also carry my laptop with me in case my support is needed by my team. I also inform my team and other stakeholders about my potential absence on the day of the drive. 

This helps in forming realistic expectations from them about my availability. My team has supported me in participating by handling basic queries that came for me and I am grateful for their support.


Can volunteering for this social initiative translate into a better and stronger team-building initiative in the organization?

Oh definitely! I met so many people from different departments, despite being here for 3+ years now. I have rarely had the chance to work with and interact with people from non-tech departments, but thanks to UC Drive, I have made new friends within UC. 

We also interacted and realized an intersection of our respective work areas. I gained more visibility into how other teams are working and what their business priorities are. I don’t think I would have made friends the way I did unintentionally while on the cleaning drive. 


About Come Let’s Clean!:

Come Let's Clean!


Come Let’s Clean! is Urban Company’s employee-led CSR initiative that strives at creating a lasting difference by volunteering time and expertise to clean public spaces.