Water Purifier Buying Guide

How is the quality of water measured?

Common dissolved particles in water are calcium, sulfates, carbonates etc. The quantity of such particles is called Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and it ranges from 50-2000 ppm. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) defines water with TDS up to 500 ppm as within “acceptable limit” and recommends implementation of the acceptable limit.

What types of purifiers are available in the market?

There are 3 types of water purifiers available.


How should I choose a water purifier?

1. Filtration mechanism: Stages of filtration determine the purification of your water. Common filtration stages are pre-filter, sediment filter, RO membrane, UV filter.


2. Water purity: While RO membrane reduces dissolved solids to acceptable levels, it can remove essential minerals such as Copper, Magnesium, Zinc and make the water slightly acidic.

Here’s how to add back optimum level of minerals to the water:

  • TDS adjuster (MTDS): Adds small quantity of raw water (post ultrafiltration) to the purified water.
  • Mineral filter: Passes water through metal balls to impart the required minerals.
  • Ionizer: Input water is split into acidic and alkaline streams through electrolysis.

3. Lifetime cost of ownership: Water purifiers require regular servicing and filter change, which can be a large part of the overall lifetime cost. The yearly maintenance costs (filter/membrane changes) can be as high as INR 6000/year, thereby making up 60-75% of lifetime cost. Always check the Annual Maintenance Contract (incl. consumables) to get a fair idea of total cost of ownership.

4. Service network and spare part availability: By now you know yearly maintenance is integral to taking care of an RO and therefore your clean water drinking needs, make sure to check your brand has a reliable service network with fast resolution time. Also, standard dimension filters are easily available.

5. Service network and spare part availability: Make sure to check your brand has a reliable service network with fast resolution time. Also, standard dimension filters are easily available.

6. Other specific features:

  • Temperature control: Some purifiers offer ready-made hot & cold water options.
  • Smart machines: Some features include, real-time water TDS level and filter life tracking, liters of water purified and consumed daily, automatic switch on/off etc.


Urban Company Truwater. Water Purifiers

Urban Elements – a brand by Urban Company – has launched 3 top of the line RO Machines that provide you 100% safe water. TruWater Premium, Premium Smart, Prime Elite.

Why should you consider a TruWater RO machine?

  1. Best in call purification cycle: Up to 7 stages of purification.
  2. Smart machines at affordable price: Real time water quality & filter life tracking through the TruWater app.
  3. Lowest life cycle cost: Save up to INR 12,000 over purifier lifetime* compared to other major market brands.
  4. Variable Annual Maintenance Plan: : Pay only for the filter changes your machine needs and enjoy unlimited free repair.
  5. Comprehensive Warranty: 1 year warranty covering electrical, manufacturing defects and filter replacements.


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