Watch Your Baby: 6 Baby CCTV Cameras You Need to Know About


Baby CCTV Cameras

We all want our baby to grow in safety, tend to her need and pamper her with kisses. But parallelly, we also want to continue our dream careers. To save such mothers and fathers torn apart by similar ethical dilemmas are here, baby CCTV cameras to their rescue. For easy communication, these are called baby monitors. These will help you keep an eye on the baby at home while you work at your cubicle making some impressive numbers. We present to you Top 6 Baby Monitors of 2017.

Sleep Monitoring:

Indian moms are known to have let their baby sleep in the same room as they do since time immemorial. On the other part of the world, mothers teach children to sleep independently since the infant stage. This trend is crawling to India and brings with it the dire need of night baby monitors. These cameras specialize in providing motion sensing or audio transmission to the parent to check if the bay is struggling to sleep or is crying out of hunger. Here are top three sleep monitoring cameras in India as of June 2017.

1.      Motorola MBP 36:

As the category goes, here is a simple baby monitor that comes with the camera that can pan around the room. The camera allows two-way audio communication, which means that you can lull your baby to sleep if you hear her squirm at nights. The camera is also equipped with infrared supported night vision which allows sleep monitoring better and enables you to know the temperature of the room your baby is in. Not just the camera but here is a little help with monitoring. The camera is accompanied by a 2.4-inch LCD screen with controls over it. Whatever is recorded by the camera pops on the screen live. This makes remote communication much clearer.

2.      Motorola Digital Video Monitor MBP 27T:

It is as similar as its predecessor but differs in one significant way. It adds to its ancestor the no touch temperature sensor that helps you to recognize the boy temperature of the baby. With this creative feature, you can assess if your baby’s fever conditions while she is at sleep. The temperature detection doesn’t end there, it extends to sensing the temperature of the food or water around her. Other than this, the features remain same. The battery back-up is known to be better that its prototype.

3.      D Link DCS – 700L

D Link comes with many of its drawbacks. The camera quality is not so impressive, the neck of the camera doesn’t support pan option, the camera only provides live of the events but does not record the videos or take pictures. The zoom option doesn’t have any purpose either. But dear middle-class Indian, here is your way to get some decent features like night vision, push to talk, lullabies etc. in a very cheap price. The installation too is found to be easy. So, on a look out for economical baby sleep monitors? Here is your catch!

Nanny Cameras:

Parents are checking off the “leave your baby at home with a nanny” option off their parenting list lately in India. But we being the over-protective society which not only keeps an eye on the baby but wants to regulate the movements of the nanny too! So here we bring you to three baby monitoring cameras or dubbed as “nanny cameras” that will help you decide to put your baby and nanny under surveillance.

4.      i-Baby Monitor M6T:

Here we present you with a galore of options and features that will probably catch you off guard! The quality impresses movie makers for it accommodates 720 pixel HD video resolution. Coupled with night vision and heat sensors, the camera also offers a complete 360 degrees pan added with a 100 degrees tilt. Technological advancements with this product are brilliant for it comes with a coordinating app to be downloaded on your phone which will update you with notifications of what the baby is up to. The app can be shared with other members of the family like the grandparents. The app can be configured to a smart TV where the parent can have live video conferences with the baby too.

5.      Foscam Wi-Fi Baby Monitor:

The egg-shape of this monitor will steal your heart! This is made for sleep monitoring but its advanced features can help it double for a nanny cam too. The camera comes with remote control option. Its compact shape accommodates rotation up to 320 degrees and tilt up to 100 degrees. Here again, the camera has a two-way audio communication option topped off with some pre-loaded lullabies. There is a provision for a micro SD card which can record videos or take pictures when required. Other features like night vision, temperature detection and sound detection follow suit.

6.      D3D Wireless Indoor Security Camera:

This is probably the most rated baby camera that comes with a complementing mobile app. Most of the laurels go to its cheap budget fitting. Thanks to the two-way audio facility, you can talk to your baby and make your presence felt. You can keep an eye even in nights with the infrared vision and motion detection. The speed and quality of the reception is found to be good by many users. the SD card provision is extendable up to 128 GB which makes recording footage easy. The installation happens to be easy and happens to be the most favoured option in the camera.

Remember, it is true that the babies need to grow up to be independent individuals but such a metamorphosis ought to be happening in a safe environment. So, help your baby build herself in a controlled atmosphere until she is old enough to face an unobserved world.