Wallpaper colour for bedroom: What colour of wallpaper is best for the bedroom?

Thinking of adding wallpapers to your bedroom, but not sure which wallpaper colour to choose for your bedroom? Read on to make the right call. The bedroom is your ...

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Thinking of adding wallpapers to your bedroom, but not sure which wallpaper colour to choose for your bedroom? Read on to make the right call.

The bedroom is your sanctum sanctorum, your fortress of solitude, if you may. Whether you’re living with a large family or by yourself, there’s a good possibility that it’s the room you end up spending most of your time in, because it’s where you sleep. So, you’d want to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere for your bedroom.

Traditionally, you would have painted the room in a colour or two, thrown some curtains to go with the paint and never looked at the room again for the next seven to ten years. This is no longer the case today. You can play with designs, colours, patterns, and more with wallpapers. Today, a house is a reflection of who you are. So, the furniture, the lights, even electrical fittings can represent your personality. Wallpapers, especially, are a great way to showcase a side of you that you want people to see. What’s more, because they can be easily taken down and replaced, wallpapers can also reflect the person you grow into every few years.  

Until a decade or so, wallpapers were never considered an option to decorate any room, let alone the bedroom. However, over time, wallpaper designs have evolved with our sensibilities. To the extent that you can customise your wallpaper too.

Along with the designs, the quality of wallpapers has also significantly evolved. There are also different types of wallpapers that work even in damp areas such as the bathroom. As a result, today, you wouldn’t hesitate wallpapering your living room or bathroom too.

Today, when it comes to wallpapers, there are many options to select from, which can be great but confusing. So, if you’re looking for the best wallpaper colour for your bedroom, you could easily be overwhelmed.

Conveniently, we are here to help you walk through the process and help you choose the right wallpaper colour for your bedroom and make it a harmonious, personalised space.

Remember, you have to live with it. Every single day

Before you consider the size of the room, the lighting and all the other technicalities that come with selecting a wallpaper for your bedroom, remember it has to be something you really, really love or are able to relate to. It will be the focal point of your bedroom, and so it has to be a design or a colour that you absolutely love, else you will get tired of seeing it every day.

Consider the size of the room and the lighting

However, apart from considering the wallpaper, you must also consider the conditions of the room. Take a moment to assess the size of your bedroom and how brightly lit it is in the daytime.

The general rule is that lighter wallpaper colours will make the room feel open and spacious. Darker colours will make it cosier and more intimate. If your bedroom is small or lacks natural light, you could do better with lighter wallpaper shades. Larger bedrooms can handle darker hues.

Identify your style

All of us go through various phases in our life. You may love contemporary interior decor in your early 20s, but in your 30s crave for a more antique look that throws back to a bygone era, and in your 40s, you could well transition into a more functional design that places comfort over style.

Take a beat and look around your home to consider in what phase you are at the moment. Do you prefer a Scandinavian, bohemian, or traditional indian look? Would you rather show off some bold designs or just keep it easygoing? Once you have a clear vision of what your style is, you will be able to take a more educated decision on the best wallpaper colour for your bedroom.

Consider a calming palette

No matter your taste, your bedroom is where you relax and unwind. So, consider soft pastels or neutral shades when you’re looking for a wallpaper colour for your bedroom. These colours can also serve as a great backdrop for a pop of colour that can come through with a standout piece of furniture or an accessory.

Don’t forget your existing décor

If you’re ‘wallpapering’ an already lived-in house (as against doing up a new home afresh), you must consider the dominant colour of your existing furniture, bed, curtains etc. The wallpaper colour of your bedroom must match or complement the rest of its elements.

What colour of wallpaper is best for the bedroom?

Depending on the mood and atmosphere you want to evoke, here are some wallpaper colours for the bedroom

  1. Soft pastel colours such as soothing lavenders, light blues and gentle greens evoke a sense of relaxation and tranquillity.
  2. Natural shades – think cream, beige, even soft grey – are great for various reasons. They serve perfectly if you want to keep the bedroom drama-free. They also become great backgrounds for a pop of colour you may want to throw in just for fun (think picture frames, wall accents, or even TV show or pop culture memorabilia).

wallpaper-natural shades

  1. Warm colours like shades of orange or yellow can also create a cosy, happy, inviting atmosphere. However, choosing the right shades of warm colours is crucial, as the wrong choice can make the room look smaller and, if done incorrectly, dingy.


  1. Opt for deep tones such as navy blue or rich burgundy to lend your room a sense of sophisticated luxury


What not do while choosing wallpaper colour for the bedroom

  1. No matter what you do, avoid going overboard with the wallpaper. Ideally, select one wall – right above your bed or at its foot – and wallpaper it
  1. Avoid wallpapering all walls if you have a small bedroom.
  1. Large patterns for a small bedroom can make the room look smaller than it is.
  1. The opposite is also true – small patterns can get lost in larger bedrooms.
  1. Don’t compromise on the quality of your wallpaper. You don’t want it peeling in a few months.

Ultimately, no matter what you read or watch about the best colour wallpaper for your bedroom, know that it is your room. Wallpaper it in a colour or pattern that makes you happy.

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