How to create the perfect wall colour combinations for every room

Check out these inspiring colour combinations for different parts of your home  When deciding on the colour combinations for the walls of your home, you must consider the intended ...

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Check out these inspiring colour combinations for different parts of your home 

When deciding on the colour combinations for the walls of your home, you must consider the intended purpose of each room. Every colour evokes distinct moods and different colours are better suited for different areas within your home. Use these tips to choose the best colour combinations for the walls

Living Room

The living room serves as a social space for unwinding after a long day. Opting for an all-white living area mixed with neutrals creates an expansive feel. These wall colour combos provide flexibility where warm whites create a softer, traditional look, while cool whites offer a contemporary, crisp appearance. The versatility of whites and neutral hues promotes cohesion among various materials, textures, and colours

Grey + Off White

Green +Off-White

The open-plan design of this living room and dining area, adorned in a soothing blend of grey and off-white, exudes a bright and airy ambiance. The addition of yellow cushions and throws not only imparts a calm and relaxing atmosphere but also prevents the space from appearing monotonous.


The bedroom, where you spend a third of your life, is crucial for relaxation. Incorporating green is one of the most calming colour schemes for the wall paint that is associated with nature and helps in reducing anxiety. In a busy life, incorporating soothing green tones in the bedroom brings energy balance and a healing ambiance, helping you relax and recharge. It aligns with the rejuvenating feeling after a restful sleep.

Green +Off-White

Green +Off-White

Not all bedroom paint colours have to be bold. Some, like off-white and muted green, might not catch your eye, but they make your bedroom feel open and natural. This subtle wall colour combo is great for bedroom walls.

Study Room

A perfect study or home office provides an uninterrupted environment for calm focus, allowing you to concentrate on creative or analytical work. Opting for tranquil blue enhances both calmness and productivity and improves focus.

Blue + White

Blue + White

A calming choice for your home office or bedroom is a palette of blue and white. Combining blue walls with white creates a sharp and snug atmosphere.

Dining Room

Sharing a nourishing meal is a joyful occasion, and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere is key. Opting for red adds excitement and warmth, stimulating hunger due to its association with passion and energy. Adding a red hue to a dining room creates a dramatic and inviting atmosphere as the colour stimulates the appetite, offering warmth and vibrancy that encourages conversation and a cosy ambience around the table, making them perfect for dining spaces.

Red + White

Red + White

Consider more than just paint when aiming for harmonious wall colour combinations. Utilise panels, laminates, and wallpaper to highlight different design elements of the interiors. In this setting, white wainscoting complements red wallpaper and wooden flooring. Moreover, the convenience of easily replacing the wallpaper after a few years enhances the overall appeal.


Food preparation thrives in a warm, cheerful, and creative space that ignites hunger and allows for the enjoyment of meal aromas. Choosing a yellow hue for a clean and joyful cooking environment brings brightness and warmth. Yellow’s positive and fresh associations make it an effective choice for brightening up a classic kitchen, especially in rooms with limited natural light.

Yellow + White

Yellow + White

Bring a splash of colour to your kitchen by incorporating a dose of yellow. If your kitchen lacks natural light or needs some touches of warm hues, yellow will breathe life into the space with a cheerful and sunny vibe.


The modern bathroom is more than a utilitarian space; it serves as a sanctuary for relaxation after a tranquil pale blue, natural pastel green, or playful baby pink, creates a calming atmosphere. Pastel-hued tiles keep the bathroom bright year-round, making them ideal for spaces with limited natural light and can visually expand the space. 

Peach Fuzz+ Off White

Peach Fuzz+ Off White

Peach Fuzz has been designated as the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2024 and incorporating hues of peach and white on your bathroom walls can lend a tranquil and warmer atmosphere. These hues will add a unique sense of comfort to the bathroom and induce a calming effect. 

Which colours go together in interior design?

Matching colours with similar temperatures consistently produce harmonious combinations. For instance, combining cool wall colour combos like blues and greens tends to create a pleasing effect. Similarly, pairing warm neutrals, such as a gentle beige with a terracotta, is equally appealing to the eye.

What is the three-colour rule in interior design?

The 60-30-10 rule effectively highlights key elements in your design by assigning roles to the dominant, secondary, and 10% accent colours. The dominant colour sets the overall mood, the secondary colour supports it, and the accent colours spotlights specific features or parts of the design.

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