Virat Kohli’s Fitness Mantra-‘Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat’

  Born and brought up in Delhi, he ranked no.8 in ESPN’s list of world’s most famous athletes in 2016. Captain of the Indian cricket team, he ranked ...

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Born and brought up in Delhi, he ranked no.8 in ESPN’s list of world’s most famous athletes in 2016. Captain of the Indian cricket team, he ranked No.1 as a batsman in the ICC ODI ratings. With a natural knack for the game and a face that can (and is) launching major brands, Virat Kohli is THE player on and off the field.

Known to be aggressive in his outlook, it is this ‘never say die; an attitude that keeps him going. Like he admitted in one of his interview, “Aggression helps me be at the top of my game, wouldn’t change it for anything in the world”. 

It is this attitude and talent that makes him the perfect youth icon. An icon everyone looks up to not just for the talent, but also for the enviable fitness levels. Like every great player, Virat Kohli considers fitness to be the primary focus of any game. If you are into sports, a sound fitness regime makes all the difference. Let us look at his idea of fitness and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. One that allows you to do much more!

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Excerpts from his interviews with leading dailies and magazines.

Eat right in controlled portions

Virat Kohli has been a complete foodie. Keeping fitness in mind, he now makes sure to eat freshly cooked food, preferably homemade, in controlled portions. As quoted by a leading daily, he likes eating pink salmon and lamb chops, which are protein rich and helps him build the muscles he needs. To find out his detailed diet, click here.

Work out five days a week

Like all of us, even Virat Kohli has some ‘cheat days’ but he makes sure to sweat it out at least five days a week consistently. Apart from the ripped body that he has, it has helped Kohli in increasing his stamina and strength.

Varied training

Virat’s workout consists of cardio, weight and strength training. Strength training is extremely important for a sport person. He focuses on upper body training, which aids in his batting. Extensive training helps him use his muscular training to his advantage.

Stay hydrated all the time

It’s a known fact how important it is for our bodies to stay hydrated. Virat Kohli makes sure to carry mineral water along wherever he goes and drinks at least eight glasses every day. He says that it helps his body to flush out toxins and prevent illnesses.

Say no to junk food

Now, as the name itself suggests Junk food is what makes your body, a junk and nobody would want that. Junk food has lots of saturated fats that harm the body. Being a foodie, whenever Virat Kohli has a craving, he prefers munching on wheat crackers over fried chips to keep his body healthy. Healthy snacking is important to cut down unnecessary calories.

Cross Train

Cross training is important to avoid injury and help build agility. In addition to varying exercises, Kohli also plays tennis and football to cross train. The difficult part is to be consistent with your fitness regime and that comes with the determination Virat has.

Fitness varies for everybody and one has to work accordingly. You have to compete with yourself to raise your level of fitness and just keep trying, to better yourself

– Virat Kohli

His tips will help you train better, but it is important to train according to one’s goal, fitness level and body type. Help us, help you. Book a fitness trainer from Urban Company!

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