Use of Natural Stones in Interior Design


Integrating natural stones in interior design can transform your space creating a zen-like ambience, a retreat from the outside world. Use of natural stones can make a place unique as natural stones vary widely in texture and colour unlike manufactured materials. Use of natural stones helps to maintain the man and nature connect at home, is environment-friendly and sustainable, low maintenance and long lasting. Natural stones provide warmth to the interiors with their rustic appeal and help maintain a cool temperature at home. It is a great option for homes in cities, providing a peaceful home environment by blocking outside noise with strong sound-absorption.  Here are some tips on the use of natural stones in interior design.

1. Style

The adaptability of natural stones makes them suitable for all kinds of interiors, no matter what your style is. Fieldstone can be used to create a great look for contemporary, rustic and eclectic style homes. The fieldstone is best suited for creating exterior walls, boundaries or for enclosing garden spaces with walls, but can also be used as accent walls inside of home such as near the fireplace. Marble and slate are more polished looking, suitable for modern and chic interior styles.

Fieldstone can be used to create a great look for contemporary, rustic and eclectic style homes.

2. Type

There are endless options in stones and you can choose according to your style and purpose. As already mentioned, marble, slate, and granite form a big part of modern interior and architecture. For a relaxing look, limestone and sandstone which come in lighter hues of yellow and grey are good options, especially when used for walls. Travertine stones have a busy and textured look with cracked imprints and are a favourite for use in bathrooms. Terrazzo and mosaic which are patterned stones add an artistic touch and can be used in various ways for the bathroom and kitchen. These stones are easy to wipe clean and do not absorb water easily.

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3. Use

There are some incredible ways in which you can use natural stones to decorate your space. Clusters of pebbles serve as a great base for bathtubs, creating a natural ambience. You can also use a mix of pebbles and stones under your washbasin, in a terrarium, inset in walls forming patterns, forming a border/outline for your plants in the garden, or a pathway to your entrance and so on. Bricks are an age-old favourite, most popular for porch or pathway flooring.

4. Tips on Usage

What is great about natural stones is that they come in a wide budget range, making it affordable for everyone. To save costs on obtaining natural stones, try reaching out to native stone yards rather than a manufacturer or a store. Combine big and small, light and dark coloured stones to create different effects. Use mood lighting with stone walls to create a cave-like look. Wood is the most aesthetically complementing material used in combination with stones. Place stones or pebbles in waterbodies like fountains, ponds or aquariums to create a natural waterbody like effect. You can also get crafty and use pebbles as embellishments for picture or mirror frames.

With the many aesthetic and utility benefits of natural stones, they are immensely popular with classic as well as modern architects and interior designers in bangalore

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