Urban Company Puts Accessibility First for Persons with Disabilities in Latest App Update

 Visually impaired consumers will be able to book at-home services on the Urban Company app using touch gestures The app works seamlessly with screen reading software such as ‘Voice ...

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  •  Visually impaired consumers will be able to book at-home services on the Urban Company app using touch gestures
  • The app works seamlessly with screen reading software such as ‘Voice Over’ on iOS and ‘TalkBack’ on Android

Gurgaon, February 20, 2024 – Urban Company, Asia’s leading marketplace for on-demand home services, has made its platform accessible for persons with visual impairment. Using assistive technologies, available as part of smartphone operating systems, persons with disabilities will be able to book at-home services on the Urban Company app easily using touch gestures.

To make the platform accessible, Urban Company worked with the team at Mission Accessibility, an NGO dedicated to eliminating barriers faced by individuals with disabilities. Leveraging the expertise of the Mission Accessibility team, the update has been crafted to enhance accessibility and user experience for visually impaired individuals on the Urban Company mobile application.

This update seamlessly works with ‘Voice Over’ on iOS and ‘TalkBack’ on Android – commonly used screen reading software by persons with visual impairment. The app’s interface has been streamlined to simplify navigation and service booking journey for users. Notably, non-selectable elements, such as text-on-image, have been audibly described, ensuring comprehensive access and understanding. Users will be able to book their preferred service effortlessly, select specific time slots, and easily communicate with certified Urban Company professionals.

“We are focused on ensuring a seamless experience for all our customers, including visually impaired individuals. Our new app update will hopefully make it easy for them to book services on Urban Company and communicate seamlessly with their service professionals.”, said Raghav Chandra, Co-Founder and Chief Product & Technology Officer, Urban Company.

Amar Jain, Co-Founder Mission Accessibility, said, “Navigating the digital world can often feel like traversing an obstacle course without a guide. The importance of accessibility in apps cannot be overstated – it is not just about convenience; it is about inclusion and independence. Urban Company’s action in making their application accessible to people like us who are visually impaired makes us optimistic about a more accessible and inclusive digital marketplace in the times to come. Now, with the ability to book any service seamlessly, blind individuals like myself can confidently engage with Urban Company’s offerings, knowing that our needs are not just considered, but prioritized.”

In India, over 15 million visually impaired people face challenges in accessing professional help to get services done. With this latest app update, Urban Company is working towards the broader goal of democratizing convenience for all. Now, persons with visual impairment will have access to high-quality services from background-verified service professionals, and benefit from Urban Company’s transparent and standardized pricing.

About Urban Company
Vision: Empower millions of professionals worldwide to deliver services at home like never experienced before. Founded in November 2014, Urban Company is Asia’s largest technology marketplace for home services. The company offers services such as beauty and spa at home, cleaning, plumbing, carpentry, appliance repair, painting, and more through its mobile app and website. It operates in 60+ cities in India, the UAE, Singapore and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has a partner network of over 50,000 hand-picked service professionals transforming them into organized and high-quality micro-entrepreneurs. This full-stack approach helps the company live up to its promise of delivering high-quality, delightful services at home

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