Uncovering the Hidden Costs of Maintaining an RO Water Purifier

Maintaining a water purifier can be expensive. 

After buying a brand new RO water purifier, many homeowners find that the yearly maintenance cost can be as much as 5000-6000. This is because the water constantly passes through the filters and wears them out. If you buy a 10,000-12,000 RO Machine and spend 50-60% of your RO purchase cost on servicing every year, you can end up spending 3 times the RO Water Purifier price just to maintain your purifier over the machine lifetime in service costs.

One of the reasons for the high cost is the frequent wear and tear of filters that are not made to last. Additionally, there are middlemen and duopoly in the branded water purifier machine space, which allow companies to charge high prices for maintenance.

Our team at Urban Company recognized the issue of expensive and tiring maintenance for RO water purifiers after servicing over 10 lakhs RO Water Purifiers of every brand in the market such as – Kent Water Purifier, Aquaguard Water Purifier, Livpure Water Purifier, PureIT Water Purifier, and LG Water Purifier, over 7 years and speaking to countless customers. We set out to solve this problem by investing in research and development to create a machine with superior filters and membrane that requires less servicing and saves customers thousands of rupees per year.

Additionally, we aim to directly cater to the consumer with no middlemen, extra cost, or delays, and with a sleek and attractive design.

Urban Company has introduced a new brand, Native by UC Water Purifiers, which offers a premium range of water purifiers, the Native M1 and M2. These models are engineered to deliver clean and safe drinking water for households and are equipped with cutting-edge technology and superior-quality filters. 

The water purifiers come with state-of-the-art Rapid Rinse technology, multi-micron filter surface and American Filtration technology that enables filters to last for 2 years without needing any servicing. This effectively reduces your RO Water Purifier service cycle from every 6 months to every 2 years, resulting in less frequent servicing and reduced overall ownership costs.

The Native RO by UC is a pioneer in the RO Water Purifier industry. It is India’s First RO Water Purifier:

  • That needs servicing only once every 2 years
  • With zero maintenance costs for the first two years, including filters, membranes, and any spare parts replacement. We provide a 2-year unconditional warranty, which covers everything from filters, membranes, and surface, any change required will be free of cost. 


Time to get an RO Water Purifier that does not need servicing for 2 years and relax. Visit our website to learn more about how you can purchase an RO water purifier for home use in India at an affordable RO water purifier price!


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