#UCUpskill — Rising with Urban Company


One of our key pillars of partner enablement is training and upskilling of our service professionals, visible in the investments made and priority awarded to this vertical.

Urban Company Partners (from L to R) — Hukum Bahadur Thapa, Hemlata Pawar, Preeti Dua, Asha Thakur, Raju Yadav

At present, we have:

  • 150+ training centres across India
  • 250+ full-time trainers
  • 200+ part-time trainers

In fact, our training team is one of the biggest teams in the company.

What does it take to be a skilled service professional at Urban Company?

Our partners get a plethora of opportunities at Urban Company when it comes to training, skilling and upskilling.

Let’s talk about Anoop and Sushil. They transitioned from being service professionals to being full-time employees as trainers at Urban Company.

Anoop was a field technician for years until his work was recognized and he got an opportunity to to be converted into a full-time employee at Urban Company. He now is a Senior Appliance Trainer with Urban Company and loves working with us.

Anoop’s journey from a partner to a full-time employee

Sushil has a similar story. He was spotted by his Category Manager because of his technical and customer management skills. The precision with which he did his work landed him a full-time position at Urban Company and he hasn’t looked back since. He loves training and skilling so many professionals and helping them work and make good earnings.

Sushil’s journey from a partner to a full-time employee

Another inspiring story is that of Bhavya Sharma, Urban Company’s first female RO technician. After her training with us, she was selected for further training with the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) to enhance her scientific knowledge about water and appliances. She is now an IAPMO-trained and certified professional.

“There is no field left that women are not a part of. Today, I’ve made a start and I hope more women will join as RO technicians, and earn well for themselves and their family,” says Bhavya. She got an opportunity to build her own identity, and being the only female in an otherwise all-male category has never intimidated her. She hopes that more women are inspired by her to take up appliance repair as a profession.

Fursat Ali is another success story — he went from being a local mechanic to becoming an SME (subject matter expert) trainer with us.

Fursat has more than doubled his income as a trained AC technician and was able to take care of his responsibilities at home (including his mother’s medical treatment and home renovations) & build a better future for his family.

Who are the people who make this happen?

Behind the thousands of partners who deliver the best-in-class services to you, are a group of 250+ trainers who work tirelessly to skill & train the partners. Over 3 million hours have been invested in training since 2014.

Meet the Head Trainers of our Beauty & Wellness category.

A lot of work goes behind nurturing our amazing service professionals. We have a unique training system in place for our Salon vertical where every candidate is trained according to their needs, helmed by our Head Trainer for Salon India, Anita Thakur.

Watch the video to get a glimpse into our Salon training modules and how we are enabling partners to deliver services at home like never experienced before.

Meet the Head Trainers of our Home category.

Our Head Trainer for Cleaning India, Sukhminder Singh Nanda oversees the training of the Cleaning vertical — watch the video to get a glimpse into the Cleaning training modules.

A long road ahead…

We aim to train & upskill 500,000 service partners by 2030, including at least 200,000 women service partners. And we are just getting started.