Top 7 Make Up Secrets To Steal From Bollywood



Thanks to Bollywood, we get to be in step with makeup trends doing the rounds every season. The makeup trends of our very own Bollywood beauties are bold, vivacious and very wearable, most of the time. Look at the top seven makeup secrets from Bollywood and learn about the stunning looks that you can easily replicate.


  1. Sonam Kapoor’s Sunset Eyes

When it comes to setting trends, very few people can match up to Sonam Kapoor. She is beautiful and always has the best beauty tips to share. Her latest fad is the sunset eyes. Ms. Kapoor has been spotted with this look many times in the recent past. You won’t be blamed if you want to steal this idea! Well, all you have to do is replace the regular shades of your eye shadow with vibrant shades that you usually associate with a glorious sunset. So get shades of red, orange, bright yellow and pink. Apply them generously on your eyelids to get the perfect bold look that Sonam carries off.

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  1. Jacqueline Fernandez’s Honey lips

Jacqueline Fernandez is a true diva. She is drop dead gorgeous and most of us would love to draw inspiration from all her makeup secrets. Well, we have the best one here for you. Ever wondered what makes Jacqueline’s lips so full and supple? The secret is out – she applies honey instead of lip balm. Yes, it actually is that simple and uncomplicated. If you too want gorgeous lips like the Chittiya Kaliyya girl, just dab some good ol’ honey on your lips before going to sleep at night.



  1. The 6-glasses-of-water secret of Kareena Kapoor Khan


The true Begum in every sense of the term, Kareena is an inspiration for many women. She is naturally beautiful and boasts of a lovely skin that is always glowing. So what’s the secret behind the glow? Tons of makeup or expensive spa visits? Well, it actually is just a lot of water! Ms. Khan swears by her six-glasses-of-water a day routine. Water does wonders for the skin and flushes out harmful toxins from the body, leaving you with a beautiful glowing skin.



  1. Aishwarya Rai’s soft lip shades

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No one could have pulled off purple lips the way Aishwarya Rai did. So when the world’s most beautiful woman shares her best beauty tips, we all sit up and take note. Aishwarya has always had a liking for soft lip shades. This is useful if you too have light eyes like her. Match a soft shade of lipstick, like a pink, brown or peach, with a similar eye shadow to highlight your naturally pretty eyes. This is her secret and we fall for it every time!


  1. Light foundation like Alia Bhat

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When it comes to class, among all the other Bollywood beauties, Alia Bhatt effortlessly stands out. You will seldom see her in jarring clothes or makeup. Her look is subdued yet immensely gorgeous. How she does it is still a mystery! But we did manage to dig out one secret from her beauty regime – the application of foundation in a slightly lighter shade. Alia prefers to use a foundation that is just one shade lighter than her usual shade. This helps form the perfect base for the subdued look and makes her look classy without trying too hard. The secret’s out, go give it a shot!


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  1. Katrina Kaif’s ice therapy

Have you noticed how Katrina’s makeup always has an uber-smooth finish? How does she do it and more importantly, how can you achieve it? It is very simple. Ms Kaif shares her makeup secret and tells us that all you have to do is apply some ice on your face before you apply any kind of makeup. Ice closes up all the skin pores instantly and makes way for smooth makeup application. The makeup is spread out equally on all parts of the face and stays on in a more uniform manner too. Who knew it could be so simple, right?


  1. Priyanka Chopra’s daily hair wash secret


Priyanka Chopra has one of the best Bollywood secrets that she’s even taken over to Hollywood! In an interview she recently revealed the secret to her luscious hair – daily wash. Priyanka insists on washing the hair everyday with a mild shampoo. Not only does this remove the sweat and grease, the scalp is also massaged in the process and it makes the hair healthier. If you want to follow this tip, make sure you use a very mild shampoo as a harsh will do more damage than good to your hair.


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Now that you know these Bollywood secrets from our very own Bollywood beauties, go ahead and give them a try. These makeup tips are very simple to follow and bring about a huge change to your look. From Kareena’s detox tip to Alia’s foundation to Sonam’s eye shadow, use these very practical make up tips the next time you feel like dressing up and pampering yourself.


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