Top 6 Things To Keep In Mind Before Installing A Hidden Security Camera


hidden security camera

The importance of safety and security cannot be stressed enough. In these perilous times when burglars lift ATM machines themselves after blocking the view of a CCTV security camera, it is crucial to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and sound.Hidden security camera can be used at homes, offices, restaurants, commercial spaces, and areas open to public, to conveniently monitor suspicious activities and untoward incidents. Here is what you have to keep in mind, before installing a hidden security camera.

6 Things To Keep In Mind Before Installing A Hidden Security Camera


1. Area to be monitored 

How large is the area you would like to monitor? Depending on this factor, you could opt from a wide range of home security systems from both online and offline stores. Choose from a broad array of shapes and sizes of hidden security camera options, ranging from pen-sized ones to advanced night vision types, whatever suits your needs the best. These products are also offered in various colours, to blend with your interior and exterior décor without standing out.

2. Quality of the product 

The quality and resolution of the captured images and videos are of utmost importance. There are various high-definition and standard-definition hidden security camera systems available in the market. Depending on your budget and requirements, you could go for branded and unbranded home security systems. These hidden cameras come in particularly handy, as they are designed to look like inconspicuous objects, such as smoke detectors and fire sprinklers, so as to not alert miscreants about the presence of a home security camera. This would prevent them from vandalizing, tampering with, and damaging the camera itself. Hidden cameras from trusted brands, although a bit pricier than the usual ones, offer you the additional advantages of longer battery life, superior quality, and durability.

3. Features offered by the camera 

What focus and range you would like your hidden security camera to offer? Do you want it to perform efficiently in the absence of light as well, so that you and your loved ones are protected round the clock, from the clutches of harm? If yes, you could opt for low-light, night vision security camera systems that offer you sound sleep, with a promise of the greatest safety, to those who matter the world to you!

4. Wired or wireless 

Wires could give away the presence of the hidden security camera. To opt out of this problem, you have the option of going for wireless security camera systems, which blend in excellently well with the chosen disguise, but transmit every byte of data continuously, to a connected monitor or backup device.

5. Display provision 

If you would like the feed from your hidden security camera to be continuously monitored by a security professional, you could get it connected to a monitor, for live visual feeds.  

6. Backup and storage 

The data recorded by a wired or wireless hidden security cameras need to be stored and backed up for a set period of time, so that the data is readily available at hand, in case you need to analyse it at a later point of time. You should therefore make provisions for the same, on site or at a remote location, as per your requirements and budget constraints.

hidden security camera

Whether you want to monitor the entrance of your home or keep an eye out for your little ones when you are away at work, you could easily use hidden security camera for homes, without alerting anyone or arousing their suspicion. It is also better to conduct a few trial runs in the natural light settings, so that you could be sure about the coverage and quality of the recorded feed. Do remember to place the home security system in a strategic location, such that it blends with its surroundings, and does not look out of place. You can easily camouflage these state-of-the-art security systems between everyday objects, such as curtain rods, fridge magnets, bookshelves, etc., to be rest assured about the safety of your precious ones, wherever in the world you are.

You could either go into the nitty gritty of each of these steps, and install the system all by yourself, or let professionals do the job, in no time at all. It is now easier for you than ever before, to install the best home security systems without having to lift a finger. Trust the professional service providers at Urban Company, to provide you the best of products and services at affordable prices and exciting discounts.

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