Top 6 Commercial CCTV Camera Systems For Business


cctv cameras for business

Many things in an office often go unnoticed! An impromptu paper fights, an employee lazing around and not working or even an obnoxious case of workplace harassment. They slip away from right under your nose and you need a Bigg Boss for your office.

A well working CCTV camera system is exactly what your business needs. It acts like a third eye capturing a continuous unbiased view of the happenings in the office. Here are 6 business CCTV camera systems that will redefine the importance of a CCTV camera at your business place

1. D3Ds Wireless HD indoor security camera.

This camera is equipped with 360 – degree view control, where the user can rotate the camera horizontally and vertically at any angle. This feature can be regulated from anywhere in the world as the camera is directly linked to D3D’s mobile application.

Its automatic infrared LED illuminated night vision can cover up to 10km. the camera comes with a micro SD slot expandable up to 128GB. The data recorded can be transferred to PC or Mobile App. With a resolution of 720p (1280 x 720, the camera has a two-way audio monitoring system i.e. a recording mike and a speaker for external communication.

Installation technical worries? Not at all because the D3D security camera only requires plugging the device to a 5V AC power source and you are good to go.

2. Wizzit’s HD WiFi Home Security Camera

Wizzit is known for its mass appeal since its inception and its new security camera doesn’t fail to do the same. Its 1-megapixel clarity promises sharp video quality day and night. The night part is assured by the 10 powerful IR-LEDs lights that cover up to 26 feet at night.

Intimation of suspicious activity is sent through an email. The 128Gb expandable SD card records the time span of 45 days within 16 GB. The USP lies in the fact that this camera doesn’t require a DVR which old models of CCTV cameras need.

3. Trak Family Technology Solutions

Here is the true application of plug and play security camera service that meets scrutiny needs of offices with great efficiency. All you need to do is plug into power to connect to a strong wifi source. Now with the app installed on the smartphone, one can indulge in remote connectivity and can begin monitoring right away. No complicated set up processes, no need for QR codes or any codes after all! The wifi helps to stream videos and pictures right to the owner’s smartphone.

The Trak IP camera is equipped with an advanced Cloud link P2P network transmission technology so that the user can remotely monitor the area under question at any time and from anywhere. The multiple user access facility enables several members of the office to access the footage simultaneously on their phones or PCs.

The 2-way audio output allows the user give instructions to people from the mobile phone even if they are travelling. The motion and sound detector system captures pictures of any suspicious movement or intruder and sends the photo alert to the smartphone so that immediate action can be taken.

4. Saviour Wireless IP HD WiFi CCTV – Smart Monitoring & Security System

Saviour saves the day! If you thought suspicious motion detection is a cool feature, wait until you see Saviour’s Theft, fire and gas leakage alerts while working! In such cases of emergency, a loud siren is generated by the camera to bring everyone to alert and assemble at a safe space. Antitheft sensors that work like a dog’s nose alerts the owner of any slightest form of infringement of boundaries.

If there is a fire or gas leakage, the system has a loud siren generator which alerts people nearby the venue and sends the owner an alert on the phone so that immediate action can be taken. The anti-theft sensors inbuilt in the camera detects even the slightest form of intrusion and notifies the owner immediately. Such intrusions can be detected up to 164 feet and the 2 way audio monitoring system comes in handy too. The night vision works wonders with the inbuilt LEDs.

5. M MHB’s WiFi camera

If you know of cameras that have a panoramic shot of 360 degrees, here we present M MHB’s WiFi camera which can tilt up to 110 degrees. This gives way to extensive coverage of the area to the owner and doesn’t leave any nook or corner unrecorded. The 32GB live storage of videos and photos can store up to 15 days.

MHB’s camera is linked to the mobile app with the revolutionary QR code scanning which makes the process of validation personalised and secured. The range of coverage serves best for small offices or workshops with less people in work.

We saved the best feature for the last! The camera can check the functioning of machines and ensures that one of them are hacked by third party entities.

6. Exilient’s bFortified WiFi camera 4

Fortified security camera come with a do-it-yourself-within-minutes installation process which happens to be very simple and does not require prior technical experience. Motion sensors and sound sensors are inbuilt in the camera which will raise alerts in case of suspicious sounds or movements.

With a 1-megapixel clarity with a resolution of 720p, the camera promises pictures of high quality. The panoramic view of 355° and vertical tilt of 120° covers the area effectively. The @localhostX zoom feature makes finding finer details easy.  Footage up to 64GB can be recorded continuously for the span of 30 days.

The camera provides access to multiple users. Thus, the trusted few in the office can be given access to be the prying eyes of the organization. The camera comes with IR night visions lights which enable good quality pictures even in low light situations.

Employee behavior analysis is easier when CCTVs are installed. They are monitored and regulated while on work and can be watched on to produce satisfactory results. Install the products on the list right away!