Top 5 Things to Consider While Hiring A CCTV Camera Dealer


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Security is a burning concern all over the globe at this point of time. Be it in any company, school premises, restaurants, highways, hotels, shopping malls, grocery stores, house premises etc.

Security covers different aspects to different entities. For a shopping mall, it needs to cover the main shopping area and payment counter., while for a corporate it means keeping an eye of every corner of premises as well as outdoor security camera to keep a check on what employees and staff are doing.

CCTV cameras have proved its potential to be on top of the security measures checklist.

According to a recent report in the Chinese state media, People’s Daily, the city of Beijing now has a CCTV network that covers ‘every corner’ of the city. The total amount of cameras sits at around 470,000. We have often seen the sign almost everywhere reading “these premises are under CCTV surveillance”. And obviously for such an important element, awareness has to be taken another huge level while selecting and hiring a CCTV camera dealer.

Here is your five pointer checklist for hiring a CCTV dealer.

1) Be clear about what you want

It is of utter importance that you as a consumer decide and zero upon your requirements for your house or your establishment. Understand the nooks and crannies of your space and the kind of activity you want to be surveyed. For example if your need is to bring the surrounding of your office under surveillance, you would need a dealer specialized in dealing with outdoor security cameras. On that basis of the same decide and choose the dealer who has specialty in the service. Your dealer must be able to understand the extent of surveillance you need in your area. The dealer needs to have a complete understanding of a clear explanation of your needs and requirements so that he can come to a conclusion and decide on the particular kind of equipment you need. This relationship is significant to establish, if wrong impression is set about a dealer it will lead to misunderstanding of requirement and result into tailoring a wrong system for your space.

2) Know your budget

All of us have budget constraints. Sort of an enemy I would call it. And just like how the saying goes, “know your enemy better,” know your budget constrains better too. You need to know how much you can spend on CCTV cameras to know what sort of CCTVs to buy. You can go for a dealer in night vision and beyond 30 feet cameras if the budget is high or a rudimentary dealer for simple quality vision and 20 feet of coverage. In case you do not know what sort of budget you can allot, you might be cheated by dubious dealers who will quote high prices for basic CCTVs. Know your budget well to make an informed decision without being cheated in terms of money.

3) Do research and compare

It is a human instinct to compare. Especially when it is about choosing from multiple options it is recommended too. When we check out a pair of shoes, we compare its price etc. on different websites to crack the best deal. Employ these instincts while looking for a CCTV dealer. Find a bunch of dealers, make calls and get a feeler of what their services are. Make a tabular price and service list. Analyse your findings and move forward to make a decision. This way, you are not only finding the cheapest service but also finding out the quality of the dealer.

4) Ensure professionalism

Towards the end of the day, it narrows down to the dealer’s professionalism. Read reviews regarding the work culture of the dealer. There are many websites to provide customer reviews that discuss how professional the dealer has been. Such reviews will give you genuine first hand information about dealers. If you can, try and contact one of their previous customers (you will find their details in such websites) to discuss about the dealer. Enquire about the reliability of their products and how they are working after installation. Check out if they are authorized providers of any big brands of CCTV cameras like LG, Sony, Samsung, Bosch or Zicom. Providing authorized products from these companies will add to the credibility of the dealer.

5) Don’t forget about after sales services

The relationship with your dealer doesn’t end once he is done fixing it in your establishment. The true service begins after the fixture. The dealer should be ready to accept for customer care after the purchase. He should have a record of tending to customer’s complaints after the deal has been satisfied. Discuss with your dealer the pointers for after sale services and only accept if their promises are satisfactory. Discuss maintenance deals. Ensure that the dealer is ready to give you warranty of his services.

Therefore, be very sure that these little things are given light while you select a dealer, which will ultimately result in the best security result.