Tips to Hire your Bridal Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist: The Glam Squad


Every bride is the ultimate celebrity on her wedding day and needs a glam squad that she can trust to look great in her bridal makeup pictures. Read on to know how to pick your ideal make-up artist and hairstylist for your big day.

Bridal Makeup by Sohni Juneja

1. Search and Explore

Research on the artists that meet your needs based on your style, budget and aesthetics. Check for reviews of artists on the internet and their ratings to get some help. Check out their professional websites or social media pages to get an idea about their work. Learn about makeup brands and products that suit your skin and you can pick artists that use those brands or products. This will ensure that there are no last minute fiascos such as skin allergies or meltdown of your makeup. You can either hire individual hair and makeup artists to create your own team or go for makeup artists who already have a team in place. Learn about the current trends in beauty such as airbrush or HD makeup to make the right choice for yourself.

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2. Make Your Bookings Well in Advance

First and foremost, once you have made your pick, make your booking well in advance, to avoid last minute disappointments of missing out on the chance of having your favourite artists do your makeup and hair for your wedding day, and to avoid making a hasty decision at the last minute.

Bridal Makeup by Sohni Juneja

3. Get the Look

Before you begin your research on which artists to book, do your research on the kind of looks that you want to suit your personal style. For instance, nude, natural, colour-popping or bold makeup, the different kinds of bridal hairstyles and so on. If you are confused about which look to go for, leave it in the hands of your makeup artist and go through trials.

4. Get a Trial

The only way to be sure if the artists you have selected are right for you is to get a pre-wedding makeup and hair trial. You can experiment with your artists to achieve different looks until you are satisfied and then make your pick. Try out different shades of foundations and colours of eyeshadow on your face to be sure of which colours blend well with your skin tone and type. Unless you are completely sure, it is best to go through 2-3 trials before you make the final decision. Hold the trials for both the makeup artists and hairstylists together to make sure they are well coordinated.

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Bridal Makeup by MakeupFX

5. Keep it Exclusive

Make sure that your makeup and hair stylist are exclusively dedicated to doing your makeup on your special day to avoid chaos and delays. This will also make sure that the focus of your artists is on you and they can take their time to ensure perfection in their work.

6. Communicate

Do not shy away from discussing any insecurities or flaws relating to your skin such as acne, under eye circles, pigmentations and so on to make sure that the artists know which areas to focus on and which flaws to hide. If your wedding is a destination wedding, make sure that the artists know about the weather conditions at the destination and carry products accordingly.

Makeup by Lets Make Up

These are a few essentials that you need to keep in mind to have the perfect glam squad for yourself on your wedding day.

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