The Incredible Parihar Family

The fascinating story of 35 members of the Parihar family from Rajasthan who not only work as spa & massage therapists at UC, but encourage more people to join as partners in the company.

The Parihar’s have truly changed for the better by being able to earn more, spend more time with family, and realize a lot of their dreams. They wish for others to enjoy the same success & happiness.

Neelu Parihar, a Spa Professional at Urban Company since 4 years, joined this platform in 2019 and was amazed by her earnings in the first month itself. She was also able to spend time with her family and gain so much respect as a UC partner which she had not ever imagined. She loved it so much that she not only recommended joining UC to her husband so that they both could work better, but also motivated her family to join UC.

From a housewife for twenty years to a self dependent woman

Hemlata Pawar, Neelu’s sister, is a true inspiration. She transformed her life with UC and inspired her husband to join this platform as well.

“I was facing some problems in my life and my sister, Neelu, told me how UC could be a solution for all my financial problems.”

Mahavir changed his children’s lives

Neelu Parihar’s brother, Mahavir Prasad, was a driver and worked for 12 hours a day. Seeing the other’s in his family, he also decided to join Urban Company and their was no stopping after that.

“I brought my family to the city and motivated my wife to become a partner as well. We both are earning well today and are children are in a good school.”

They encourage each other to do better each day

The best part about thirty-five members from the Parihar family working as massage professionals is that they work around the same area and not only share their achievements but also encourage each other to perform better everyday.

Kailash Parihar, Neelu’s husband, said, “We feel proud that we were able to transform our lives and also inspire our family to follow our footsteps and fulfill all their dreams. Its a pleasure to see them and their family well satisfied and happy with their life.”

Kailash and Neelu spending with their children

Hemlata Pawar said, “I want my loved ones’ life to change just like mine did. And so I recommend UC to everyone so that they too get to lead a fulfilling life.”


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