The Future In Your Stars: How 2016 Looks For You


It’s a brand new day in a brand new year. But what does the year hold for you and your loved ones? Ankush Wadhwa, an expert astrologer on our platform is here to help us find out.

While most people check their horoscope predictions based on their Sun Signs, Ankush begs to differ. According to him, you should be checking out your future based on your Moon Sign!

The Sun will be positioned in one of the 12 zodiac signs at the time of one’s birth, and the sign where the Sun was positioned becomes the person’s Sun Sign. Similarly, your Moon Sign is the Sign of the Zodiac where the Moon was at the moment of your birth. But the difference does not end here.

“Unlike Sun Signs, which are quite general about the characteristics of an individual based on his/her date of birth, Moon Signs are more specific and as a result, have been proved to be quite close to actual experiences of individuals.”

You might ask that if Moon Signs are so important, why haven’t you heard of them before? Well, the problem lies in the complexity of determining your Moon Sign. While a simple birth date can be used to determine one’s Sun sign, the calculation of one’s Moon Sign involves the time of birth, as well as the position of other planets and Nakshatras and hence, describe your instinctive or emotional energies, your innate reactions, and can reveal your emotional, genetic and intuitive makeup.

Here’s what Ankush predicts for the year ahead, based on your moon signs:

  • Aries: Your plans and activities would proceed faster this year. People with life goals driven in multiple directions would be disturbed by external forces, & should try to focus on goals positively. Those seeking to get married would face temporarily delay. Beware of your enemies – they might spread malicious gossip about you.
  • Taurus: A change of place is a possibility in the year, probably due to a professional change. But don’t worry – your spouse would help you out financially! Do not be hasty in buying property or vehicles. Meeting new people and benefiting from them is also possible.
  • Gemini: Take care of your health! Avoid buying property or vehicles until mid-August. The good news is that you can expect insurance benefits. Some share from ancestral property might come your way too!
  • Cancer: Frequent short travels are on the cards. Property related favors is possible. Monitor your health and that of one of your children carefully.
  • Leo: There’s good news for you, Leos! Your children will be a great support in all you endeavors. Property transaction is indicated and renovation of your property is also on cards. Your wanderlust might be satisfied though expect more short than long travels. Relocation to a new place is indicated.
  • Virgo: The year holds mixed experiences for you. Relocation to new location, traveling to foreign countries and sale of a property is indicated. Pay close attention to your Mother’s health.
  • Libra: Expect more positive results than negative from the year ahead. Gains through communication or travel are possible. Investment in property is also a possibility. Government related favors and benefits are indicated.
  • Scorpio: This is a year of slow and steady progress for you. Your ability and skills will improve gradually. Property and vehicle transaction is also possible. Travel – both inland and abroad – bis indicated.
  • Sagittarius: Health consciousness and relationship with family members are very important this year. Traveling for both short and long duration is possible. Your family members accompanying on you these travels is an added bonus. Avoid dominating others in the family or at the workplace. If you are planning to sell a property, do it early in the year.
  • Capricorn: This year would bring in significant changes in your life after some initial roadblocks. Relocation is likely to happen which would help you grow professionally and personally. Some unexpected favors are also indicated in your support. Try to postpone long travel until September. Be more cautious while driving. Neighbors might be a tad unfriendly this year.
  • Aquarius: This is a favorable year to build your desired reputation. Auspicious ceremonies can occur in the family because of property transactions, an addition of children in your family, or government related favors.
  • Pisces: This will be a year to monitor your health concerns closely. You might be going on a pilgrimage. Gaining a reputation in your social circle is a strong possibility. Unfortunately, chances of an accident occurring on the road are quite high, so make sure that you travel safely!

Moon signs can be found out by looking at the position of the moon during the time of your birth. However, if you do not have this information, don’t worry! You can find out your moon sign by simply contacting us – our expert will be sure to get back to you with the required information and a detailed prediction for your moon sign. You can also sign up for a full consultation with Ankush or our other experts here.

Accurate or not, these are only possibilities and not set in stone. After all, our future’s what we make it. So, go ahead. Change it with your present. It’s your life and you choose where you’re headed. All we can do is help you get there.

Just let us know if you need any help!