The Complete Baby-Proofing Checklist: Before Your Baby Crawls

Marissa Mayer landed at the heart of a heated tweetstorm, all because she was back at work a month after giving birth to twin girls! Critics feared this would ...

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Marissa Mayer landed at the heart of a heated tweetstorm, all because she was back at work a month after giving birth to twin girls! Critics feared this would set a bad precedent in the tech industry, pressuring new moms to return to work sooner than their stipulated maternity leave of 14-16 weeks. But hey, that’s Mayer’s personal choice – if she believes she can balance work and family within a month – kudos to her!

On a personal note, I count myself really lucky to be at an organization that grants me 6 months of paid maternity leave. Not every Indian company allows for such flexibility, though, which is why it doesn’t hurt to get a little bit of help in preparing for your time with a newborn in the house. Even apart from babyproofing your home to keep your child safe from electrical circuits and sharp edges of the furniture, there’s a whole bunch of stuff to keep in mind. While you may have the luxury of time off from work, you may not be physically or mentally equipped to deal with it all, thanks to the baby giving you sleepless nights. Here’s a quick checklist of stuff you can plan and execute while on your break from work or even when you get back to work!


That tiny bundle in your arms is soon going to be crawling around the house and you definitely don’t want the little one getting scratched or bumped or poking fingers into stray electrical points! Hire a carpenter and electrician who can help with this baby-proofing. Remember sharp furniture edges are an absolute no-no, so make sure those deadly corners are adequately padded and plug points are safeguarded from curious, wandering baby fingers!

Nursery decor:


Now that your little one is here, why not personalize his/her room and give it a much-needed makeover. Enlist the help of Urban Company’s team of interior designers or choose a DIY project that you can rope in family and friends to help you with. Think bright happy colours, textures and prints and you’re bound to have a ton of fun!

Deep Cleaning:

You’re probably too stressed and tired to do a thorough check of the house. And if you don’t have domestic staff to help, fear not – professional home cleaners to the rescue! These wonder workers will clean, swab, dust, shine and polish every surface, leaving your house sparkling clean and germ-free for your little baby.

Exercise and Nutrition:


Yes, having a baby will feel like a full-time job – but don’t let that lead you to neglect yourself. Eat right, eat healthily and eat often – you need all the energy you can get to stay on top of your Mommy game! If you’re worried about not having time to step out and enroll in a fitness class, simply opt for a yoga trainer or fitness instructor who can come home and help you get back in shape. You’re definitely going to need to be fighting fit for this new phase of your life!

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Capture those moments:

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Take a picture, pictures and more pictures of your little bundle of joy! You’ll definitely want keepsakes of these initial years – this really is the cutest phase and you’ll be astonished to see just how fast babies grow up. You can always fall back on your phone camera for impromptu shots or else hire a professional photographer to chronicle this wondrous journey you’ve embarked upon.

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Scope out support groups:


Motherhood can be overwhelming and there will be days when nothing seems to be going right and you’re reduced to tears. Take heart that you’re not alone – new Mommies all over are facing almost the same problems as you. Check out local parenting forums over the Internet or through Facebook groups. Make an effort to reach out to other parents and counsellors to talk through your problems and be assured that for its troubles, motherhood is one of the best things to happen to you!

The journey to motherhood is beautiful and we’re there with you throughout the way. Whatever you need, we promise we’ll help!

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