The Bylanes of Chandni Chowk: Pursuit of the Bride

A medley of eateries and shops, the crowd bustling past, the many pull carts, you have your own song for the mesmerizing experience of Chandani Chowk. Quite literally the ...

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A medley of eateries and shops, the crowd bustling past, the many pull carts, you have your own song for the mesmerizing experience of Chandani Chowk. Quite literally the place means moonlit square, but you can see the many fascinating things that brighten it up. Be it the spools of colorful gota pattis or the twinkling sequins, a bride can find all that she needs in one place.



One of the oldest markets in Delhi, Chandani Chowk’s charm lies in its many things it has to offer. The soothing prayer call from the masjid for the ears, the luscious mouth watering treats that tickle your taste buds after drawing you with their delicate scent and the myriads of lehengas and sarees that are the cynosure of all the eyes who are dying to touch them. Chandani Chowk works up all your senses.



Built in the 17th century during the reign of Shah Jahan, the market was designed by his daughter Jahanara Begum Sahib. Chandani Chowk derives its name from the fact that earlier a canal used to run through the place that served as a waterway. The moonlight reflected from the quivering waters, creating a surreal experience. Though the water way doesn’t exist anymore, Chandni Chowk has a lot to offer to everyone for an ethereal feel. For instance the original structure of the market is still intact. We are going to talk about some of the important market corners that will particularly draw the potential bride.



Katra Neel is the land of fabrics. Make your way from the assiduous metro station and be prepared to enter the gates of Katra Neel which lies amidst the hustle of Chandini Chowk. Built during the fight for independence, the gates open a world of fabrics and has a historical relevance (like many areas of Chandani Chowk) since the year 1857. As you walk into the chronicled market, the tapered bylanes offers only wedding attire of all kinds.

Kinari Bazaar is a haven for retailers as well as wholesalers. Glitzy zardosi, borders, embellishments, Lehengas, sarees, suits, you name it and you can find it here. Situated right to the Paranthewali gali, this place will leave you spoilt for choices with regards to the occasion you want to shop for.

Chawri Bazaar is close to the Nai Sadak and is the place for brass, copper and stationary. Be it the little pouches that are used in wedding functions to hold important things or the elaborate envelopes that secure the shagan. One can also find many wedding card designers in this market and you will be surprised at the innovative wedding cards that will cost you a lot less than that fancy designer store.



Chhatta Chowk Bazaar or the Meena Bazaar, is located inside the confines of the Red Fort. The idea came from Persian fortresses where there were special bazaars to cater to the ladies. The Mughal queen was not allowed to venture out to  shop and  lost out on the experience  of shopping with other women and the fun of bargaining. So Shah Jahan created the covered Bazaar for his queens. The shops here sell souvenirs, artificial jewelry and eatables. Don’t just visit this place for your bridal shopping but also the heritage and the stories that each Mughal window or the picturesque that moldings come with it.

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