The Best Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas For Friends!


This is a part of the complete Invite Wordings Guide for your Indian Wedding.

Are you planning to send a separate wedding invite to your friends? While you might have already sent off the formal invitations to your guest list, it’s a little different with your closest friends. You might be considering sending them a more casually worded, even funny invite!

Whether you plan on sending it via Whatsapp or create an entirely different set of printed invites, we’ve put together the best wedding invitation wording ideas for friends.

Indian Wedding Invitation Quotes for Friends

Quotes make a boring invite interesting, and we found everything from romantic and cheesy quotes to funny ones you can add to your wedding card!

Sample 1: With The Most Popular Love Quote

“Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.”

Together with our families, {Bride & Groom} would love to have you join us

as we begin our Happily Ever After

{Date, Time, Venue}

Sample 2: One more romantic wedding invitation quote

{Bride & Groom}

When you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want it to start as soon as possible.

Taking their first step to eternity, join us to celebrate this special bond.

{Date, Time, Venue}

RSVP Please

Designed by Aman Shah

Sample 3: A Combined Wedding & Reception Invite

No measure of time will be long enough, but we’ll start with forever!

Together with our families, we invite you to be a part of our big day

Wedding & Reception

{Date, Venue}

Baraat Assembly – 3 pm

Hast Milap – 4 pm

Reception – 7 pm onwards

Sample 4: With A Funny Quote That Will Get A Ton Of Laughs from your Buddies!

“The groom always smiles proudly because he’s convinced he’s accomplished something quite wonderful. The bride smiles because she’s been able to convince him of it.” – Judith McNaught

Our smiles will only get wider, and our laughs bigger, with our friends on our side as we take the plunge!

Celebrate our big day with us

{Date, Time, Venue}

Funny Wedding Invite Wordings for Friends

Adding a funny quote to the card gives it a touch of humour, but these wedding invite wordings we found make the whole card hilarious!

Sample 1: THE Most Interesting Wedding Invite For Friends We’ve Ever Seen!

Brunch – The socially acceptable excuse for day drinking

{Date, Time, Venue}

Dress code is very simple – just keep your clothes on! Please be dressed in ALL WHITE!

Sangeet – Now get out there and shake what your mamma gave you!

{Date, Time, Venue}

Wedding – That moment when you realise it’s too late to run!

{Date, Time, Venue}

Designed by Studio Works Co.

Sample 2: Honest & Funny Wedding Invitation!

This card is playfully worded with “Shit Just Got Real” and “Doomsday has arrived” phrases sprinkled all over! It’s perfect if you want a creative wedding invitation to send to your friends that will make them laugh ?

Designed by Studio Works Co.

Creative Wedding Invitation Wordings for Friends

Sample 1: Questioning the Legend of the Happy Ending!

Is there a Happily Ever After?

We thought let’s try and find out.

{Bride & Groom}

vow to begin this journey together

Join us in our celebrations

{Date, Time, Venue}

Sample 2: If Drinking & Dancing Is The Main Theme of your Wedding Party!

Love Truly, Drink Deeply, Dance Badly as we get hitched

{Bride & Groom} joyfully invite you to their wedding

{Time, Date, Venue for afternoon wedding}

Dinner & dancing to follow

{Time & Venue for Reception party)

Sample 3: Bollywood Theme Done Creatively

If you’re looking for something really creative, you should look at how this couple used a Bollywood theme in their engagement invite! We love it as an e-vite to send to your friends on Whatsapp.

Hero ko Heroine Milni Hi Thi!

You’re cordially invited to the most Masala Packed Engagement of the Year.

{Bride & Groom}

“Yahaan gaana bhi hoga,

Aur band baaja bhi hoga.

Yahaan har thumke pe

seethiyan bhi bajengi,

Aur har maa ki aanhken

Khushi se bheegey gi.”

Taarikh: 19th May 2013

Samay: 7:30 pm onwards

Venue: IVY Banquet towards Ghatkopar (E), Chembur, Mumbai

Designed by Mayur Mengle

Sample 4: Sangeet/Cocktail/Engagement Party invite

Let’s raise a toast

Or maybe two…

[Bride’s Name] & [Groom’s Name]

Join us for an evening of

Wine & Brews

Before The I Do’s!

Simple Wedding Invitation Wording for Friends

Simple & straight-forward seems to be the theme for most engagement invites.

Sample 1: Engagement party invitation wording hosted by the couple

We’re getting engaged!

Please join us to celebrate our Engagement

{Date, Time, Venue}


{Bride & Groom}

Sample 2: Simple wording for an e-vite sent to friends

If you’re sending out an e-vite (whether from Paperless Post or Minted Weddings), you don’t have to necessarily have a host line. You can keep the wording as simple, crisp and elegant as this –

You are invited to the Engagement Party of {Bride & Groom}

{Date, Time, Venue}

Sample 3: Formal Wordings for E-vite or Whatsapp Image Sent to Friends

{Bride & Groom} invite you to join them in the celebration of their marriage

on {Date, Time, Venue}

Reception to follow

wedding invitation wording with couple hosting

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