The BEST Bridal Entry Ideas We’ve Ever Seen


Bridal entry idea - Indian bride entering with her parents and with a shower of petals
Image courtesy: The Lightsmiths

Your big day is almost here and there’s one big decision you still haven’t made – what your bridal entry going to be like? You might think it’s pretty straight-forward but with the options available to the 2019 bride, you should have a look at this comprehensive list before you make your pick.

The Big 4 Decisions –

  1. Who do you want to enter with? Your brother, parents, nieces, bridesmaids…
  2. How do you want to enter? Sitting in a palki, under a pretty phoolon ki chadar design or on a bike  – these are just a few examples of the otherwise endless options you have!
  3. What elements can you add to make it extra special? Dancing, with pandits chanting or people showering you with petals are a few options.
  4. What’s your bridal entry song going to be? Romantic, filmy, English or a dance number.

Here are some of the best bridal entry ideas we’ve spotted at real weddings in recent years –

  1. Cutest Bride Entry Ideas
  2. Traditional with a Twist
  3. Dance Bridal Entry Ideas
  4. Ultra-Cool Bridal Entry Ideas
  5. With The Special People In Your Life (parents, men in your life, bridesmaids, your brother and the whole family!)
  6. Go Solo

1. Cutest Bride Entry Ideas

The first few ideas include the use of signboards. If they’re carried by your nieces and nephews, it really adds to the cute factor 🙂 Balloons and flower girls replaced by flower boys are some of the other cute ideas!

(i) BEST BRIDE ENTRY IDEA! With bridesmaids carrying “trip down memory lane” placards

Best bride entry seen at Indian wedding - bride's sisters and friends walk out with black and white photos of the bride and groom, bride's sister with a sign "The Best is Yet to Come" and then the bride under a baby's breath beautiful phoolon ki chadar
Image courtesy: Recall Pictures

The bride’s besties carried black and photographs of the couple’s dating period (with the year written on each photo). Then, the bride’s sister stepped out holding a sign that said “The Best Is Yet To Come” and finally, the bride walked out under a gorgeous baby’s breath phoolon ki chadar held by the men in her life.

This is also a great way to include all your bridesmaids and “bridesmen” in the entry!

(ii) Send your niece or nephew in front of you holding up a sign that says “Here Comes The Bride”

Indian Bridal entry idea with signs - your niece as flower girl and nephew holding up sign that says here comes the bride
Image courtesy: Romesh Dhamija
Bride entry ideas - with your niece holding a sign that says Here Comes The Bride
Image courtesy: Shutterdown Photography

(iii) Make it a funny bridal party entrance with a humorous twist to this popular phrase

Funny bridal entry idea - nieces holding up signs that say "for once she is on time" and "this is your last chance to run, here comes the bride!"
Image courtesy: WeddingNama

It says “For Once, She’s On Time!” and “Prabhav, This is your last chance to run! Here comes your bride!”

(iv) Other Sign Ideas: “Here Comes The Love Of Your Life”

Cute wedding bride entry idea - nephew holding up sign "here comes the love of your life"
Image courtesy: Unknown

(v) A “Just Wait Till You See Her!” sign

Super cute bride entrance idea - nephews with sign "just wait till you see her" walking in before the bride
Image courtesy: Dot Dusk

(vi) Your bridesmaids can stand together like this before you step out

Bridal party entrance idea for Indian bride - your bridesmaids, friends and sisters holding up Just Wait Till You See Her
Image courtesy: The Wedding Salad

(vii) Carry Balloons!

Unique bride entry ideas - with balloons - makes for colourful photo
Image courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

(viii) Flower petals shower by your nephews or bridesmaids

Image courtesy: Beginnings for You
sweet indian bridal entrance with flower petals shower on bride
Image courtesy: Fotowalle

2. Traditional with a Twist

(i) Walk out as a procession of pandits leads the way

wedding bride entrance with pandits chanting - traditional idea
Image courtesy: Recall Pictures

(ii) With aarti lamps lining your path

Bride entry in wedding with girls holding aarti lamps on both sides
Image courtesy: Knotting Bells

(iii) Indian dancers leading the way

Unique entry of bride in Indian wedding - with traditional dancers
Image courtesy: Naman Verma

(iv) On a boat

If it’s a small lake or swimming pool, use a small boat and just sit and relax as you make your bridal entrance.

Boat bride entry theme - in a swimming pool with bride sitting on small boat making an entrance to the wedding venue
Image courtesy: Shutterdown Photography

If you have access to a bigger water body, you can pull off an entrance idea that includes your entire bridal party since everyone can get onto a bigger boat.

Image courtesy: Pink Palki

ProTip: For added drama, hold up your dupatta-veil as you step off the boat!

Image courtesy: WeddingNama

(v) In a carriage-style palki that has bells & cold pyros going off!

Palki bride entry theme - princess entry with a rolling fairytale like palki that's lit up with sparklers and lights
Image courtesy: Morvi Images

ProTip: We loved this idea of a palki that has wheels so that it can easily be rolled on the ground!

3. Dance Bridal Entry Ideas

(i) Dancing under the phoolon ki chadar

Dancing bride entry theme
Image courtesy: Cool Bluez Photography
Indian bride entry theme - dancing to the mandap
Image courtesy: The Photo Diary

You can choreograph a specific routine with your female and male friends, siblings and cousins! Or just break out into an on-the-spot dance when you enter.

ProTip: Inform your videographer what you have planned so they can place their team at the right spots to capture it from all angles.

(ii) With your own baraat!

Bride entry theme - bridal baraat with bride in LED sneakers dancing with dhol walas

Image courtesy: The Photo Diary

This bride entered her wedding sitting in a decorated auto, that was led by dhol-walas! She stepped off and danced to the tunes of the dhols (while wearing LED light sneakers!)

4. Ultra-Cool Entry Ideas

(i) Sitting on a bike

grand entry of bride on bike
Image courtesy: Bhumi & Simran

(ii) Or a scooter that your brother is driving

Image courtesy: Sunny Pariani

(iii) Or a cycle rickshaw!

best bridal entrance on rickshaw being driven by brother - bridal baraat idea
Image courtesy: Naman Verma

(iv) Vintage car (because why should it always be the groom who rides one?)

Bride entry in marriage Indian - in decorated vintage car
Image courtesy: Jodi Clickers

ProTip: Make your bridal entry even cooler with your bridesmaids riding scooters before your car!

Bridesmaids entrance at Indian wedding with the bride - on scooters
Image courtesy: Dipak Studios

(v) Driving a Jeep

Entry of bride in Indian wedding - driving a jeep
Image courtesy: Studio Narinder Photography Patiala

5. With The Special People In Your Life

a) With Your Parents or Whole Family

(i) Walk under a phoolon ki chadar with your parents

Best bride entry - with both her parents and father wearing safa in same shade as her lehenga
Image courtesy: The Wedding Salad

(ii) With just your father

Best bridal entrance holding her father's hands
Image courtesy: The Wedding Salad

#ProTip: A bouquet of flowers in the bride’s hands will add the right touch!

Best bridal entrance at Sikh wedding - holding her father's hands and a bouquet of flowers
From Mansha’s Pin-Worthy Real Wedding

#ProTip: If it’s a night wedding, you can walk out with your father while cold pyros go off around you

bride entry theme - with sparklers and cold pyros
Image courtesy: Cupcake Productions

(iii) Holding your father’s arms while your sister & mother walk behind you

Beautiful bridal entry walking over flower petals on the aisle with your father on your side

best bride entry - with father
Images courtesy: The Wedding Story

b) With all the main men in your life

(i) Father & uncle

bride entry ideas
Image courtesy: Romesh Dhamija Productions

(ii) Father & brother

Bridal entrance - walking over a flower petals pathway with brother and father
Image courtesy: Fotowalle
Simple bridal entry ideas - walk with your father and brother and a shower of petals
Image courtesy: Knotting Bells

c) With Your Brother

(i) With him riding a rickshaw

Image courtesy: The Wedding Crasher

(ii) A scooter

Image courtesy: The Wedding Crasher

(iii) Holding up an umbrella for you to walk under

Image courtesy: Krafterina
Image courtesy: Safarnama Films

(iv) All your brothers holding up paper umbrellas

Wedding entry idea for bride - under paper umbrellas held by brothers - no phoolon ki chadar idea
Image courtesy: Colomono

(v) Simply step out with him under the phoolon ki chadar

Indian bride entry ideas - walk under phoolon ki chadar with brother of the bride
Image courtesy: Romesh Dhamija Productions

d) With Your Sisters And/Or Bridesmaids

(i) With your bridesmaids holding the phoolon ki chaadar

Bridal party entrance idea - with your bridesmaids holding the phoolon ki chadar instead of men
Image courtesy: The Creative Lens

(ii) Holding fabric umbrellas (that match your outfit!)

(iii) Bridesmaids holding paper parasols

wedding bride entry - with bridesmaids holding paper parasols umbrellas
Image courtesy: PixelStory

(iv) Your nieces wearing floral tiaras and holding diyas before you

Bride entry in marriage with nieces and little cousins holding diyas and wearing floral tiaras
Image courtesy: Shutterdown Photography

6. Go Solo

Anushka Sharma bridal entry - walking solo to the groom with din shagna da playing in the backdrop

If it’s a small wedding affair where only a small number of your closest friends and family is present, you can do what Anushka Sharma did at her wedding. She walked the short aisle alone as Din Shagna Da played in the background and it looked just beautiful!

Do I Have To Pick Only One Idea?

NO! You can absolutely mix and match a number of elements to find your ideal bridal entry.

For example, you can start off with having your bridesmaids hold up a sign that says “Just Wait Till You See Her” followed by your nieces walking out in floral tiaras throwing petals around (like little flower girls) and then you walking out under a beautifully designed phoolon ki chadar holding your father’s hands!

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If you’ve found your bridal entry idea, go pick your bridal entry song!

Or help your husband-to-be find his groom entry idea.