The Beginners Guide To Understanding Kitchen Layout Designs


If you’re a homeowner who has recently started designing your new kitchen or remodelling your existing one, you’re probably aware of the number of details that go into the process. From choosing the kitchen layout to picking kitchen cabinet design ideas, there are a number of decisions that need to be made.

One of the most important elements of designing your modular kitchen is planning your countertop layout. In order to create an efficient kitchen that lets you cook and move around easily, you’ll need to take into account both your personal preferences, as well as the type of space you have available. Here’s a handy guide explaining 6 of the most common type of kitchen layouts and the scenarios they are best suited for.

#1 Single-Wall Kitchen Layout

Designed by Urban Company Professional Mridul Jain

Live in a small apartment or studio? Then the single-wall layout is ideal for you. Straight or one-wall layouts are the most basic type of modular kitchens and feature a single counter placed along a wall. An economical and space-saving option, this small kitchen design layout is also ideal for open plan layouts. The length of the counter needs to be long enough to accommodate hobs, sinks and other cooking appliances. Wall mounted storage and cabinetry below the counter can be used for storage.

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#2 L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Designed by Urban Company Professional Narayan Moorthy

L-shaped modular kitchen layouts feature two counters placed at right angles to each other. With both counters placed adjacent to each other, this layout ensures efficiency while cooking. This layout can work well for corners, small kitchens and even open layouts. The length of each counter can be adapted according to the dimensions of your space – for example, for long, rectangular kitchens, one arm can of the L can be shorter than the other. 

small L-shaped kitchen layout can be paired with a small dining table to create an informal eat-in kitchen. 

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#3 Parallel Kitchen or Galley Style Kitchen Layout

Named after the types kitchens found in ships, galley or parallel kitchens feature two counters placed opposite to each other. This is an ideal option for homes with multiple cooks and also in cases where your kitchen space is long and narrow.

Designed by Urban Company Professional Avasiti Design

This layout can also work if you live in an apartment where the kitchen serves as a passageway to the utility or balcony area. Position counters in a galley style layout at least 3 feet apart for easy movement. Placing the hob, sink and refrigerator within easy reach of each other can improve efficiency.

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Designed by Urban Company Professional New Era Architects Designers and PMC

#4 U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Designed by Urban Company Professional Neha Chopra

U-shaped kitchen designs, as the name suggests, refer to layouts where the counter runs along 3 sides of the kitchen, forming the letter “U”. This is a versatile, efficient option for both small and large kitchens since it can be planned to ensure that all key appliances are within easy reach of each other. The U-shaped kitchen layout is also a good option for large kitchens with sufficient width, where there are multiple cooks since it provides lots of counter space. The kitchen cabinet design layout would comprise of wall-mounted cupboards placed along all three sides to ensure optimum storage.

Designed by Urban Company Professional Nakul Baghel

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#5 Kitchen Layout with Island

Designed by Urban Company Professional Neha Chopra

Need extra counter space? Then a kitchen with an island might be the best thing for you. You can pair an island with a straight, u-shaped or l-shaped kitchen, depending on the size of the space available to you.

An island basically refers to a freestanding counter of any size that is placed to augment an existing kitchen layout. The island can also accommodate a hob or sink and even serve as a breakfast table according to your needs.

Ensure around 3 feet of space around the island for easy movement.

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#6 G-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Designed by Urban Company Professional Neha Chopra

If you require more counter space but can’t fit in an island, you might want to opt for the G-shaped layout. This arrangement is similar to the U shaped layout and basically has an extra counter or peninsula attached to one arm of the U. Since the peninsula is attached to the rest of the counter (unlike the island which is freestanding), this layout utilises available space to the maximum. This is another good option for kitchens with multiple cooks.

Designed by Urban Company Professional Mad Design

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What kitchen layout do you have at home? Does it suit your needs? Or do you need an urgent change?

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