Textured Walls: Everything You Need to Know


In this article on textured walls, you’ll learn:

  • what they are
  • how they work in interiors
  • what are some common texture types
  • how can you get textured walls conveniently


Walls. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we say that? Colours. The most basic aspect we concern ourselves with when it comes to painting walls is colours, and rightly so. But what about textured walls? What function do they play in interiors?Why and how should they be used? Worry not, we’ll help you find these answers.

Why go for textured walls? 


We’ll give you three reasons.

One, its a great way to add statement to your room and spruce up your living space. You can use textured walls to add depth and dimension to any room. Whether you’re looking to liven up an absolutely flat color scheme or you just want to add a dash of personality to your home — textures can help you do just that. 

Two, it can also serve practical functions– textured walls are a great way to mask signs of wear and tear, or things that need hiding such as drywall installations. 

Finally, textures on your walls also make them far more durable than smooth walls. This means they’re also more resistant to minor wear and tear.

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Textures and endless possibilities 

Textures are a great way to personalise your space, simply because there is a very wide variety of textures available. You can choose what reflects your living space’s character best. Monotony is one thing you won’t have to worry about.

Here are some common types of textured patterns you must have seen:

The comb

Comb textured walls

Sand swirl

sand swirls

Slap brush

Slap brush textured walls


Popcorn walls

How do I get textured walls?

Simple. Call Urban Company’s Painting services. Not only do we offer over 100 textures in our portfolio, our supervising expert also takes care of the execution for you. Once you’ve booked your service after a detailed discussion with your UC painting consultant, a team of trained & skilled painters from Urban Company will be ready to execute the task, under the direction of a supervisor.

With minimum need to wrack your brains, you’ll have a statement wall — or walls, if you please — that adds a unique & interesting touch to your rooms!