Summer Hacks For a Cool House Party


With temperatures well into the 30s already, it looks like summer this year is going to be a real scorcher! But before you let the heat make a dent in your sunny mood, take a look at our list of summer hacks that promise to help make the weather just a little bit more bearable.

Planning a summer party and worried how you’re going to keep all your drinks cold?

Worry not, all you need is a fridge and a washing machine. Yup, you read that right – washing machine! If your fridge is already overloaded, simply use a top-loading washing machine to store your drinks. Top up with lots of ice cubes or ice chips and you’ve got a hassle free drink storage unit with plenty of space.

Making a big bowl of punch to serve your guests? Use a large block of ice rather than multiple ice cubes to keep the drink cool. The larger block melts slower, thereby keeping the drink less diluted and your party spirits higher!

To add an extra dash of pizazz to your party drinks,

drop a mint leaf or a slice of lemon into the ice tray before you top it up with water and freeze. Voila! You’ll have dainty little minty / lemony ice cubes to refresh your guests with.

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Turn your fan into an air-conditioner : This great hack makes an air conditioner out of a regular table/ ceiling fan.  All you have to do is place a jug of frozen liquid or a bowl of ice in front or below the fan as it circulates. Chill out in your nicely cooled room!

DIY Mosquito Blaster:

Along with the heat, summer also spells the return of the dreaded mosquitoes. A quick and natural way to beat these little guys at their game is to burn citronella sticks or citronella oil on a double burner. Not only will it make your room fresh citrusy fresh, you’ll also be saved from a lot of biting!

Chill those sheets: AC conked off and already sweating at the thought of sleeping under your inefficiently cooling fan? Take matters in your own hands and wrap your bed linen in a plastic sheet and pop it into the freezer for a few hours before hitting the bed. Enjoy your icy cool sheets as you sleep

Blast that sunburn & heat rash:

The scorching heat and blazing sun can often leave you tanned and sun burnt. Frozen aloe vera cubes are a good way to soothe your skin – just pour aloe gel into an ice tray and freeze. Apply on the affected area.

Prickly heat rashes can also rear their ugly head and can be treated with a cup of camomile tea. Brew the tea and allow to cool and then wipe down the rashes with a soft towel dipped in the tea.

Hope these hacks help you beat the heat. Stay cool and relaxed all summer!

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