Stage Decor Ideas for Smaller Functions (Engagement, Cocktail, Sangeet!)


There are massive stages designed for the main wedding function and Reception party. And then there are stages designed for smaller Indian wedding events – like the roka or an engagement, cocktail or Sangeet party!

Here are some of the cutest, funkiest and downright awesome ideas we found for stage decor for these smaller functions –

Tassels & Filament Bulbs

Image Courtesy: Atisuto

One of the most gorgeous stage designs the world of Indian shaadis has ever seen. It’s a take on the popular tassel trend, and gives a cutesy party vibe. Perfect for a Sangeet stage!

Unique Stage Decor for Cocktail & Dance Party

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Salad

This is a super special backdrop created for a Cocktail-cum-Youngster’s Bash. Using a curtain of macramé hangings is as unique as it gets! It will add a dimension to your dancing photographs, thanks to the texture provided by the macrame.

Popular Sangeet Stage Backdrop With Arches

Image Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik
Image Courtesy: The Wedding Salad

A whole wall of arches fitted with bulbs – this is one of the most popular stage decor designs for Sangeets these past few years! It captures the Sangeet/Cocktail party vibe perfectly.

Rustic Look

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Salad

The rustic trend at Indian weddings seems likely stay for the next year or two, atleast. The decorator at this wedding got innovative with wooden crates stacked together to create a unique backdrop for the Sangeet stage! It was “pretty-fied” with foliage, candles and tea-lights.

Rustic Stage Decor Idea For Small Engagement or Roka Event

Image Courtesy: Pink Kurta Weddings

A sweet and simple wooden panels backdrop with signature birdcages, lanterns and wooden crates to create a rustic stage decoration!

Gorgeous Floral Wall

Image Courtesy: Stories by Joseph Radhik

A floral wall that has pops of violet flowers peeping through?! Count me in! This is best for an Engagement ceremony.

Indoor “Stage” That’s Actually On The Floor!

Image Courtesy: Recall Pictures

Some couple want to be on the floor with the guests, and not have a higher-level stage. They want to mingle with the crowd and keep it more casual. This type of a stage is perfect in that case, especially for an Indoor function! The ceramic plates in all shades of blue, with matching cushions, floor rug and orchids makes it a pretty unique set up!

Foliage Wall & Oversized Paper Flowers

Image Courtesy: Recall Pictures

Another unique stage decor idea! This one has a criss-cross structure with mainly foliage used to decorate it. The oversized flowers at both ends are a real head-turner!

Organic & Minimal Wedding Band Stage Decor Set Up

Image Courtesy: Altair
Image Courtesy: Altair

If you’re having a Cocktail or Sangeet night, there’s a chance you have booked a band to play live for the guests’ entertainment! I loved this rustic stage set up with neon lights and industrial pelleted wooden boards.

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