Setting up Service Partners for Success: Upskilling at Urban Company

At Urban Company, we believe in the power of upskilling. Our mission is to empower millions of service professionals by delivering services at-home in a way that has never ...

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At Urban Company, we believe in the power of upskilling. Our mission is to empower millions of service professionals by delivering services at-home in a way that has never been experienced before We provide our partners with opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. Through our structured training modules and promotion pathways, we enable our partners to enhance their earning potential and build a sustainable career. Read on to know more about how we foster partner growth in the beauty and wellness category, as well as the AC service and repairs category.

Partner Growth in the Beauty and Wellness Category

  1. Becoming an Urban Company Salon Classic Partner: When a professional joins Urban Company, they undergo comprehensive training to become an Urban Company Salon Classic Partner. These training sessions equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional services to our customers.
  2. Promotion to Prime and Luxe Categories: Once a partner establishes themselves as a Salon Classic Partner and consistently receives positive ratings from customers, they have the opportunity to level up. Depending on their performance, partners can get promoted to the Prime and eventually Luxe categories. This advancement brings increased visibility, more customer bookings, and higher earnings.
  3. Transitioning to a Part-Time Trainer Role: For our top-rated service partners, there is an exciting chance to transition into a part-time trainer role. These individuals become mentors for new Salon Classic Partners, sharing their expertise and guiding them on the path to success. This role not only recognizes their skills but also provides them with an improved income stream.
  4. Full-Time Trainer Promotion: As part-time trainers excel in their role, they can further progress to become full-time trainers at Urban Company. This promotion is a testament to their dedication, knowledge, and ability to inspire and train future generations of service partners. Full-time trainers play a vital role in shaping the skill sets of our growing community.

Partner Growth in the AC Service and Repairs Category

  1. Onboarding as an Urban Company Partner: Professionals looking to join Urban Company in the AC service and repairs category undergo specialized training to become skilled partners. These training programs cover technical knowledge, customer service, and industry best practices.
  2. Promotion to Subject Matter Expert (SME): After successfully onboarding as a partner, individuals have the opportunity to be promoted to the role of a Subject Matter Expert (SME). Maintaining good ratings and consistently delivering quality service are the key factors considered for this promotion. SMEs are recognized for their expertise and are often assigned complex tasks.
  3. Transitioning to a Part-Time Trainer Role: Top-rated SMEs are presented with the opportunity to transition into a part-time trainer role. As trainers, they share their technical knowledge and practical experiences with new partners, contributing to their professional growth. This role allows them to expand their impact and earn an improved income.
  4. Full-Time Trainer Promotion: Excelling as a part-time trainer can open doors to becoming a full-time trainer at Urban Company. Full-time trainers lead training programs, develop curricula, and shape the technical skills of our service partners. This promotion recognizes their expertise and positions them as leaders within the organization.

A fine example is of Anoop and Sushil. They transitioned from being service professionals to being full-time employees as trainers at Urban Company. Anoop was a field technician for years until his work was recognized and he got an opportunity to to be converted into a full-time employee at Urban Company. He now is a Senior Appliance Trainer with Urban Company and loves working with us.

Sushil has a similar story. He was spotted by his Category Manager because of his technical and customer management skills. The precision with which he did his work landed him a full-time position at Urban Company and he hasn’t looked back since. He loves training and skilling so many professionals and helping them work and make good earnings.

Upskilling for Long-Term Success

By investing in upskilling, we empower our service partners to earn more, develop new skills, and become resilient to seasonal job fluctuations. The structured growth pathways in the beauty and wellness category and the AC service and repairs category offer our partners the chance to reach new heights in their professions. By providing opportunities for promotion and diversification, we empower our partners to build sustainable careers.

For more on how we are creating impact, read our ESG report.

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