Secure In Dark Times: Top 6 Night Vision Cameras


Night Vision Cameras


When you decide to set up surveillance cameras around an area you own, what is the most important factor that you are looking for, to be fulfilled? Yes, security. You are looking for the security of the are that you live in and to ensure the safety of things that might be inside it, when you are away.

Well, what should it be safe from? Mostly, law offenders like robbers, criminals, and miscreants who lurk around probable crime scenes, at night and not in broad daylight. However, most security cameras that you install, cannot record anything that happens without absolute light. Typically, it goes blind without surrounding light. Meaning, the main purpose of installing it in the first place is defeated.

Despite all this, you can still ensure that your assets stay out from any damage and stay secure and safe, even without light. You can still ensure that the whole incident remains recorded, to be produced as evidence and proof to convict offenders.

This is where night vision cameras come into the scene. These cameras were created for the sole purpose of recording visuals even without any light. This will ensure that the owners remain calm and peaceful if they are inside or even away from the asset.

Now, if you are a person who has the compulsive urge to ensure that everything that you do is always perfect, you do your research once, twice; take the opinion of various people. As the first step to you installing a night vision surveillance or non-surveillance camera, here is a list of the top 6-night vision cameras dealers of the year 2017.

1. Yi home camera

This one here has proved to be excellent in recording footage with utmost clarity during times of broad daylight and during times when there is no light at all. If you ask why this one topped the list of 6-night vision cameras, the answer is its 1080p clarity with High-Definition resolution. It can also stretch its recording capabilities until a length of 30 feet in absolute darkness, making it the best in terms of the one feature that we are looking for- recording during total darkness. This camera is typically used indoors rather than for outdoor security. The camera is lauded by experts for its 11IR LEDs which makes it the best indoor camera on the list that we have put up here. This camera allows storage the recordings in an SD card.

2. CleverLoop

The next camera on the list is the CleverLoop camera, used for indoor security which has a 720p resolution recording that goes on up to 30 feet into the darkness, thus resulting in a 115-degree wide angle field of vision which will be extremely suited for huge living rooms in houses.  However, compared to its competitors, CleverLoop requires a base to be mounted on. Nevertheless, it makes up for that with being highly intelligent with things like knowing the difference between an intruder and a house dog jumping up and down, by drawing patterns form different days and hence you don’t get too many unnecessary notifications.  It offers cloud storage facility too.

3. Nest Cam

Again another camera that is commonly used indoors, matches some of its best competitors with the 1080p resolution with High-Definition and also has a cloud storage program, provided to all the nest users. It has 8 IR LEDs and a 130-degree wide angle field of vision. However, with it’s not so great clarity of recording as compared to the two other alternatives, the downside of using this camera is that you have to pay a subscription fee just to access the cloud storage, every month.

4. Foscam

This one here, unlike the others, is an outdoor camera which is considered one of the most powerful ones with the ability to record in absolute darkness with a range of up to 65 feet away in no light. It employs a whopping 30 IR LEDs that help it to see through the pitch darkness of the outdoors and record with a resolution of 2560x1440p which is actually even better than a fully employed High-Definition display.

Like many outdoor surveillance cameras, this one here too needs to be hardwired, meaning it needs to be installed with the help of wires and everything that needs holes to be drilled into the walls. All this makes this camera one of the best after dark surveillance cameras for the outdoors.

5. CleverLoop, again

You might wonder why CleverLoop has been mentioned again. But this one here, like the one mentioned above, is an outdoor surveillance camera that employs about 25 IR LEDs to penetrate through the pitch darkness of the night with a range of up to 65 feet into the darkness. It supports a Do-It-Yourself installation, along with wifi capabilities, which means that there will be lesser drilling of holes into the walls, as compared to the last one mentioned here in the list.

6. Arlo

A petite little camera that is rather forward in technology as compared to the other few cameras mentioned here, is the Arlo, which is a completely wireless outdoor surveillance camera that can record the happenings outside your house, in pitch darkness, with batteries within, that is designed to last over five months, thus letting you decide wherever you want to mount the camera. The brand has not specified any number of IR LEDs used. Instead, they refer to the ability to penetrate into darkness, using wavelength- a measurement that is sometimes used for night vision IR lenses and can cover a 110-degree angle field vision with a 720p recording quality.

Now that you have a basic idea of what to expect from a night vision camera, what length a good camera should be able to penetrate through the dark and what angle of overage it should be able to do, you should be able to choose one that is suitable for your price range, the kind of night light you receive, the size of the area you live in etc.