Bikini Wax Vs Brazilian Wax: Everything you need to know

While both stem from the common goal of keeping your pubic region hair-free, the methods vary. Here’s the difference between a bikini wax vs Brazilian wax.  Bikini wax ...

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While both stem from the common goal of keeping your pubic region hair-free, the methods vary. Here’s the difference between a bikini wax vs Brazilian wax. 

Bikini wax and Brazilian wax may often be used interchangeably. The confusion is understandable, given that the larger purpose behind the two is the same – keeping your nether regions hair-free. But there is indeed a difference between the two.

Bikini Wax Vs Brazilian Wax: What is the difference?

Simply put, the main difference between a bikini wax and a Brazilian wax is the amount of hair removed. A bikini wax involves removing hair along the bikini line – basically, any extra strands of hair that poke out from underneath your underwear on your upper thighs. If you opt for a full bikini wax, you will also get hair removal for the frontal region. So, whether you have a beach trip coming up or you’d like to go for a swim, a bikini wax should suffice. Also, it is advisable for beginners to opt for bikini wax instead of the full Brazilian as it is less painful. Trust us, you don’t want to opt for the entire thing until you’ve had a teaser of what’s in store.

A Brazilian wax removes your hair from the entire pubic region, which includes the vulva and anal area, bikini line, labia, pubic bone, and butt. This treatment will keep you completely hair-free and is often preferred once a month to keep your private parts clean and hygienic. This treatment is suggested only if you’ve got a bikini wax a couple of times and are prepared to take things a notch above. 

Bikini Wax Vs Brazilian Wax: What to expect 

Both soft and hard wax can be used for a bikini as well as a Brazilian wax. But estheticians usually recommend the hard wax since it is much less painful. Hard wax sticks to the hair instead of the skin and hardens around it, ensuring a smoother pull. On the contrary, soft wax sticks to the skin and requires wax strips or muslin cloth to remove the hair, which could even result in the skin being tugged. This often causes redness, irritation, scars, and marks, or burns. You’d want to avoid that, even if it means paying more. And since the skin on your vagina is more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body, it is advisable to use hard wax for ease and comfort during the procedure. 

Bikini Wax Vs Brazilian Wax: What to choose

Depending on how much hair you want removed, you can opt for a bikini or Brazilian wax. Here’s a low-down of what services are provided under each of these types of waxing methods. 

Types of Bikini Wax 

Bikini line: This is the easiest type of waxing treatment since it involves removing hair only along the bikini line (or upper thighs), so no pubes show when you wear your swimsuit or bikini. This treatment shouldn’t take you longer than 15-20 minutes. The process will be much faster and less painful if you pick hard wax.

Bikini wax full: Don’t be deceived by the name of this treatment since it only involves removing hair from the front region of your vagina. Basically, it’s a few extra inches inwards from your bikini line to give you a clean frontal look. This treatment should take about 30-40 minutes, depending on your hair growth and the type of wax you choose (soft or hard). 

Types of Brazilian wax

Hollywood Wax: A Brazilian wax dives deeper into the pubic area and gives you an overall clean look. If you want to go completely hair-free down there – and we mean every single strand – this is the treatment you should opt for. Again, hard wax is better suited for this treatment, but it is not recommended for beginners since you would need to build a higher pain threshold for this. 

French Wax: French wax is the same as Hollywood wax, except it doesn’t cater to the butt area. If you’re looking to avoid the anus altogether, you could opt for this treatment. If you pick hard wax, you’ll see wonderful and effective results. 

The Brazilian wax treatment takes about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on your pain tolerance, hair growth, and the wax you opt for. 

Bikini Wax Vs Brazilian Wax: How to prep for the treatment

Many people have said many things about getting both a bikini wax and a Brazilian wax, but if you are a first-timer, you need to get your facts right. 

Before getting either a bikini wax or a Brazilian wax, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to prepare yourself for the treatment mentally (and physically). Firstly, try to stay relaxed.

Talk to your esthetician, especially if it’s your first time, and understand what’s right for you according to your requirements and skin type. Take a pain killer, if needed, before the treatment to help ease the pain. 

You could also speak to your professional before beginning the treatment to understand the process and dos and don’ts during the treatment. Let them know about any skin allergies that you may have in advance. Discuss your skin type at length. Don’t be surprised if the professional asks you for help during the treatment since you’ll want to ensure the best results, and the techniques used often call for it. Consider it a distraction; the better you co-operate, the sooner it will be done. 

Ensure your hair is long enough before you decide to get a bikini or Brazilian wax. Gently wash the area with soapy water to keep it clean. Do not exfoliate your skin since it could increase the sensitivity. Trim your hair, if needed, with a pair of scissors. 

Now that you have understood the pros and cons of bikini wax vs Brazilian wax in detail, you can book yourself a session right here

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