RICA Roll-on Waxing: The Process

In this explainer on RICA Roll-on Waxing, we will talk about:

  • What roll-on wax really is
  • Why you should opt for it 
  • How it benefits your skin
  • If its actually safer or more hygienic than other forms of waxing
  • What precautions and measures our professionals take to do the waxing in the best possible way


Not sure what you’re getting into when signing up for Urban Company’s RICA Roll-on waxing? We are here to give you an overview.

rica roll-on waxing


RICA Roll-on Waxing: The Process

All our services are designed to ensure your safety and satisfaction.  This one is no exception. Not only is it a hygienic and less messy form of waxing, it’s quick, convenient, economical and suitable for all skin types.

We also understand in the post-pandemic reality, safety is a major concern, and this technique prioritizes on hygiene. This places it far above any other methods of waxing that rely on repeated usage of the same wax.

To get a quick glimpse of the process, check out this video below: 


Still have some doubts about the waxing process? Wondering if its better than usual waxing? We are here to help you make an even more informed decision:

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