Respect Has Been Somnath’s Biggest Win at UC

Read about Somnath Hadapad, a Men’s Grooming Professional, who finally received the respect due to him & his profession in 5 months of being associated with Urban Company, which he couldn’t in 19 years of being a barber.

“I have been a barber for 19 years. And I’ve had the same routine… I’ve now joined Urban Company & have been working here for the past 5 months. Since then, my earnings have increased, I have received a lot of respect, there have been a lot of changes in my life & I feel that my future is very bright here. I have seen so much in these 5 months that I never did in the past 19 years.”

From a barber to an expert

Somnath took the opportunity to become an Urban Company partner and gained the title of an ‘expert’ here.

“There is a big difference between a barber and a professional. I’ve learnt new skills at UC and everyone respects me a lot now. People in the company also call me ‘sir’. I feel really proud.”

He feels glad  and fortunate to be a professional at UC as he is meeting new and big people everyday, like IAS Officers, and he is getting a lot of respect from them as well. He feels that a change is happening in his life that he is welcoming with pride.

There is no stop on his achievements…

Somnath used to deliver jobs by riding a cycle but after joining UC, in 5 months only, he bought a bike for himself and delivers more jobs now. Due to this, there is a big difference in his earnings. He feels more confident as an individual now and is assertive that he can get his son into a very nice school

“I want more people to join Urban Company and turn their small business into an industry.”




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