Pre Wedding Beauty Regime: 6 Things you Cannot Miss


So your marriage date is fixed and you have a million things on your list. Amongst all the chaos, it is super important to have a strict wedding regime, which is essentially a series of relax and pamper treatments for yourself. Most brides start their beauty regime as early as 6 months before their wedding!

Here are 6 beauty treatments that must be a part of your beauty regime.

1. Face & Body Packs

Face packs can make a huge difference over time. You can easily go for homemade packs using simple ingredients like turmeric, coffee, yogurt, honey and so on. There are tonnes of homemade pack recipes online. You must also use body packs and scrubs for a polished and flawless looking body. Alternatively, you can choose from various products available in the market depending on your skin type.


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2. Facials / Clean Up

Facials have evolved and how. Form led light treatments to blood facials, there are groundbreaking treatments available in salons today to restore and renew your skin to look baby like and young again. You can also do a facial at home for yourself if you have the time. Put yourself in routine treatments for facials and clean-ups and see the difference for yourself.


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3. Sun Protection

This is a do-it-yourself and no one else can help you with this. Make it a golden rule for yourself to lather your face and body with sunscreen. Sun rays can harm your skin in multiple ways causing permanent damage. Will you not hate to have uneven skin tone on your wedding? Remind yourself every 2-3 hours or put an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to top up the sunscreen for best results.

4. Hair Treatment / Spa

Hair spas are a great way to maintain your hair in a perfect condition before your wedding. If you find salons to be too time-consuming, you can go for at home salon treatments or just do it yourself using a steamer. Professional help is recommended for best results. To supplement the treatments, be regular with homemade hair packs and oil. Give your hair an oil and steam treatment at least once in a week.


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5. Hand / Foot Spa

Never forget about your precious feet and hands. While regular manicures and pedicures will help, homemade scrubs and dips can do wonders. Treating your hands and feet with ingredients as simple as coconut oil or aloe vera can make a huge difference! Try sleeping in with oiled feet wearing fuzzy socks. Sounds gross right? It is totally worth it and you must try doing this at least twice a week. You will love the results.


6. Beauty Sleep

Give yourself the privilege of sleeping for at least 7-8 hours every day. Life can get very busy and a long beauty sleep seems like a dream but you can do it if you make up your mind. Nothing can beat the glow of a well-rested face. It will also help to naturally prevent dark circles and puffy eyes. Put on relaxing music, use a cooling eye mask, and fill your room with relaxing aroma every night. Do not forget to keep clear of electronic gadgets which can seriously mess up your circadian rhythm and sleep.

Be good to yourself and follow these points for a perfect you on your wedding. Watch out this blog space for soon to come low down on face and hair salon treatments for to be brides!