Our INR 250 Crore investment creates a skilled workforce of 50,000+ service partners

Our INR 250 Crore investment creates a skilled workforce of 50,000+ service partners


Since our inception in 2014, we have invested INR 250 crores towards training and skilling our service partners to transform them into service professionals. This investment has enabled more than 50,000 service partners to enhance their skills, deliver exceptional services, and thrive in their respective fields. In the last year alone, we invested more than INR 72 crores in our training and skilling initiatives. The commitment to training and skilling service partners has been a fundamental pillar of our mission to transform the home services industry. By prioritizing training and upskilling, we aim to empower our partners and ensure superior service quality for customers.

Our INR 250 Crore investment creates a skilled workforce of 50,000+ service partners

The ESG report also captures partners’ experience of working with the platform and illustrates the latter’s efforts in spurring economic growth and reducing inequalities. 84% of partners expressed their satisfaction with the training provided by Urban Company and 83% also mentioned they witnessed an increase in dignity in society. The report further showcases how under our Security and Well-being benefits program, we disbursed close to INR 2.3 crores as insurance claims which is borne by the organization. 

Further, as per the latest H1 CY 2023 Earnings Index, the average monthly earnings of all Service Partners on the platform have increased by about 10% over H2 CY 2022. Top 20% Partners earned an average of about INR 40,000 per month, net of all commissions and other related costs in H1 CY 2023. Net average earnings of Service Partners completing >30 services in a month was over INR 32,000 per month. Additionally, the strategic investment in training has boosted the partners’ average monthly earnings by 4x more than their offline counterparts, according to the earnings benchmarking study conducted by PGA Labs in 2021. Additionally, our partners’ hourly earnings of INR 322 are ~200% more than the minimum wage in New Delhi which is INR 96, the highest among all states in India.

Increase in Partners' Earnings from H2 CY 2022 to H1 CY 2023
Increase in Partners’ Earnings from H2 CY 2022 to H1 CY 2023

According to the recent Urban Company ESG India Report 2022, the platform has imparted training and upskilling to more than 29,000 service partners over nearly 33 lac hours in 2022. These trainings have been implemented across their 200+ training centers and 250+ full-time trainers to ensure that the service partners have easy access to high-quality training resources. The training process ranges from 3 to 45 days, depending on the partner’s skill level, profession chosen, and prior experience. Last year, we also collaborated with the National Skill Development Council (NSDC) to provide digital certification and e-shram registration to all their service partners. 

UC Service Partners undergoing training
Glimpses of our Service Partners undergoing training and upskilling

Since our foundation, we have grown into a community of more than 50,000 highly trained and skilled professionals who can earn a better living through the platform. We have a structured approach towards partner development and well-being centered around four key pillars with training and skilling partners being the most significant, which paves the way for improved earnings, safety net, and wealth creation. By fostering an environment of continuous learning and development, the company takes pride in supporting partners and enables them to unlock their full potential.