New Year Resolution Ideas For A Beautiful You

At the start of a year, we live with the motto – New Year, New Me! And this is the time when all those New Year Resolutions start popping up ...

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At the start of a year, we live with the motto – New Year, New Me! And this is the time when all those New Year Resolutions start popping up in our minds. Whether its the notoriously common resolution to join a gym or one to give up a bad habit such as smoking, most resolutions are made with a purpose to make one a better person. However, have you ever made a new year resolution devoted to your skincare and beauty routine? 

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If you want great looking skin this new year, we list the essential beauty new year resolutions that you must follow in 2020 –

Follow a Skin Care Routine

Even the most renowned and fancy products in the world won’t work for you unless you stick to the basic rules and follow them. For example, an expensive serum enriched with amazing antioxidants won’t do a thing unless you’ve removed your makeup properly and washed your face. Similarly, if you follow a fantastic skincare regime but using dirty makeup brushes which haven’t been cleaned in ages, you’re basically taking one step forward and ten back.

 Stop Switching Products 

Switching beauty products often basically means that you’re exposing your skin to various different chemicals and ingredients regularly. All beauty products have a combination of different ingredients and when you switch products, your skin reacts differently to the composition of the new product. This can create side effects on your skin and also affects the amount of time a product takes to show results on your skin.  Instead of experimenting, find a product which suits your skin and stick to it. 

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Remove Your Make-Up

Everyone loves to put makeup and it is a huge task that has to be done properly. Many forget to remove their makeup which is as important as taking care of your skin in any other way. This New Year, makes it a resolution to remove your makeup every night before going to sleep. Your skin will thank you.


If you decide to have only one beauty new year resolution this year then it should be to use an SPF sunscreen every day. People usually forget to apply sunscreen during winters and due to which they are not protected from the harmful UV rays which leads to the premature signs of aging.

Invest In Beauty Products

Invest in your skin and always buy the best products that your money can buy. There is a reason that premium skincare products have a high price tag. If you’re apprehensive about a product, try procuring a sample or reading reviews before making an expensive purchase. 

Regular Beauty Treatments

You might think that getting a facial is just a way to pamper yourself and de-stress, however, it is also essential for cleansing, moisturizing and better blood circulation. You should get beauty treatments such as face clean ups, pedicures and hair spas regularly to keep your skin and hair healthy. If you haven’t got any of these essential treatments in a while, click here to book a salon appointment at home by our trained experts.


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