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I remember the time when we started off. Every little achievement mattered. From on-boarding our first partner who believed in us to having over 50,000 professionals spread across 60 odd categories, ...

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I remember the time when we started off. Every little achievement mattered. From on-boarding our first partner who believed in us to having over 50,000 professionals spread across 60 odd categories, the two years have given us a host of achievements. Stories that have made us realize the difference that we are making.

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When we were younger and inexperienced, we had dreams. We were the dreamers who wanted to turn things to reality. We a found believers on the way. And it is those believers who are reaping the benefits of the trust they instilled in us. With the quality of their service and dedication in sync with Urban Company, they now have stories that inspire.

We share a few success stories from the year gone by.

Dhiraj Singh- Fitness trainer


Dhiraj has dedicated his entire life in learning about fitness and the craft of it. After a decade of running his own gym in one of Delhi’s poshest locality, he joined Urban Company. “When I joined Urban Company, little did I know that it would not just add to my income but also add to my pleasant experiences. When you train people, you essentially feed of each other’s energy to get conclusive results. I was fortunate to find many such people”


Dhiraj had joined Urban Company in August 2015 & was gaining immensely from being a part of the platform. So how was the year 2016 for him? He shares, “Through Urban Company, I got the opportunity to teach Mr. Analjit Singh (Chairman of Max Group). Not only is he a part of reputed chain of hospitals but he also gave me the opportunity of my lifetime. I got to go to South Africa and teach at the esteemed Leo Gym & Spa. After the successful first session, Mr.Singh has given me the opportunity to go to South Africa 4 times a year to take care of his gym and spa, and teach the members advanced yoga.”

He further adds, “I believe that Urban Company is the best platform for everyone. People who have good abilities and qualities can use the medium of Urban Company to earn more money, and develop their business”

Akash Aggarwal- Contractor

Akash has his roots in Ghaziabad and has been a contractor for the past 8 years. From getting business through cold calls and traditional sources of marketing, he decided to invest in Urban Company. He was able to generate leads and earn as much as Rs. 25 Laks in the past 5 months and believes that 2016 was the best working year for him till date.

He shares, “My story is nothing less than a miracle. Where else would I get so much in return? I think believing in Urban Company and giving them the promise of excellent service to the customer, has been the greatest investment of my life.”

Watch him talk about his journey in detail:

Umesh Madan- Website Designing

The business of digital media is thriving, but so is the competition. When every company wants a strong digital presence, the first place to start from is a website. With competent prices in the market, it is not easy to get the desired business.

But not for Umesh Madan, founder and CEO of, a web designing agency. He shares, “We take the term cost per click (CPC) very seriously in my line of work. With just an investment of Rs. 4,000 in Urban Company, I was able to earn back Rs. 2 Lak in a span of just 6 months. As a website designing company I not only have to find novel ways of working and great price points for customers, but also find ways to market myself. I am glad I choose Urban Company. It was indeed a very Happy Year.”

Every week, at work, we get to hear these stories and find ourselves a part of the celebration of thousands of partners on our platform. As Varun Khaitan, Co-founder Urban Company shares, “To know that the professionals on the platform are successfully growing their business, some astronomically, is definitely a reason to celebrate. Specially for a team that is driven by the mission to help good professionals grow their business and spends day and night building a platform best suited to their needs. We are glad to be making some difference. That was the intent when we started two years back.”

If you have a skill, let your business grow with us.

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