Miracles Happen When You Use Rose Water for Dry Skin!


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In this post, you will learn about:

  • The benefits of using rose water for dry skin  
  • Simple DIY remedies for dry skin using rose water
  • Things to keep in mind when using rose water on dry skin


If your skin starts to feel stretched and itchy not long after moisturising, it’s going to take a little more than your regular cold cream to soften the skin. Something like rose water.


Why Use Rose Water for Dry Skin

Because it Gently Soothes Skin Conditions

Pure rose water is known to soothe various skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The ability of rose water to be gentle on the skin and cool it down also calms down irritations and rashes.

Because it Gives Long-lasting Moisturization

Are you worried that your dry skin might turn cumbersome on a long day out in the sun? The simplest solution is to carry a spray bottle that contains rose water. Using the spray once every couple of hours works like a face mist and keeps your skin hydrated and fresh for long!

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Because Rose Water Maintains the Natural pH Balance of Dry Skin

Excessive use of harsh soaps and face wash products can hamper the natural pH of your skin, which is under the range of 4.5-6.2. As the pH of rose water is 5.5, it restores the natural pH of your skin and reduces the possibility of acne. Regularly applying rose water is particularly beneficial if you are prone to acne, because it prevents your skin from secreting excess oils and curbs the growth of acne-causing bacteria.

Because it Slows Down Ageing

When exposed to harmful UV radiation, pollution, harsh chemicals of skincare products, or stress, free radicals get generated. The high antioxidant content of rose water helps you to combat these harmful free radicals and slow down signs of aging and wrinkling, in a completely natural way!

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DIY Remedies with Rose Water Dry Skin

Honey & Rose Water Face Mask for Dry Skin

Mix 3 tablespoons of rose water with 1 tablespoon of honey to get a smooth mixture. Apply this mixture like a face mask and wash it off after it dries, with cool water. The combination of honey and rose water is a sure shot way to leave your skin brighter and lighter!

Rose Water Moisturiser for Dry Skin

Gently mix one part of pure coconut oil, one part of glycerin and three parts of rose water in a bottle. Apply this mixture on your skin at regular intervals, to hydrate your skin for long and effectively retain all the moisture.

Natural Glycerine Rose Water Toner

Dab a cotton pad in a mixture of 30 ml rose water and 5 ml glycerin. Pat it onto your face, after cleansing thoroughly. Let the solution dry naturally and get absorbed by your skin. This works like a natural toner, by shrinking pores and removing dirt and oil from your face.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Using Rose Water for Dry Skin

  • If you use natural rose water that is free from chemicals and synthetic processing methods, be rest assured that is safe for use.
  • Moreover, as it is mild, it is suitable even for those with sensitive skin.
  • Rose water is not known to cause side effects, even after regular long-term usage.

Do you have sensitive skin? Do try out our simple recipes and let us know your opinion, in the comments section below!