Men’s Hairstyles—3 Classics and How to Do Them

Been sporting the casual messy look on your hair for too long? Let us help you get back to looking sharp once again! Here is a step-by-step guide on ...

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Been sporting the casual messy look on your hair for too long? Let us help you get back to looking sharp once again! Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do the three classic men’s hairstyles. 

Look #1: The Side-Part

This has been a classic hairstyle in the truest sense of the word. From old time bollywood actors like Dev Anand to contemporary ones like Hrithik Roshan, this hairstyle has been given tweaks to match upcoming trends, but has stayed with hair stylists for decades. 

men's hairstyles: side part
Image via MensXP

Want to try out a trendy take on the side-part? Here’s how. 


  • Start with the sides of the head. Use a hair trimmer to move from bottom to top and from the shortest hair to the heaviest. Use a comb to flatten out each level on the side and make it uniform.
  • Move to the back. Move in the same direction and from shorter to denser hair as you did on the sides. Remember to keep in the neckline natural. 
  • Finally, come to the top of your head. Fetch your scissors and cut the hair on top roughly 2-3 inches long. Raise it up using a comb to see if it’s been uniformly cut.
  • To top it off, use a dryer to set your side parting in place. Apply some hair wax to get that clean, slick look. 


Look #2: Spikes 

Who says men’s hairstyles can’t be fun? Spikes are a great way to enhance the casual quotient of your look without any compromise on looking well maintained. It’s also a great look to take to a party or casual hangouts.  

spikes men's hairstyles
Image via Jakpost

Wondering how to do it?


  • Once again, start on the sides with a trimmer. Keep the hair at the bottom the shortest, a little heavier in the middle and the heaviest on top. Merge each of the three levels seamlessly. 
  • Now move on to the back. Achieve the same faded look as you did with the sides. Being patient and giving attention to detail is key!
  • Use scissors to cut the hair on top to about 3-4 inches. Grab hold of a blade and comb to slice off the tips of the hair to achieve that spiky look. 
  • Use your hands and a dryer to solidify the spikes and top it off with hair wax to set it and give it some shine. 


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Look #3: Pompadour

A pompadour is one of those hairstyles that works wonderfully both for formal and informal occasions. Since it’s a relatively newer addition to men’s hairstyles trend, you’re likely to turn quite a few heads if it’s done right. 

pompadour men's hairstyles
Image via Geo News

So let’s get to it right away. 


  • Begin with the sides. You want to achieve a mid-level fade. Use a trimmer or scissors to keep your hair shortest at the bottom and heaviest on top, and patiently work on making the fade seamless. 
  • Do exactly the same for the back, keeping the neckline natural. 
  • Once you come to the top, cut the hair longer at front and shorter at back. This is crucial to give volume to build the pompadour. 
  • Use a dryer to set your hair and style it properly. Apply hair wax to ensure your look holds.


All three of these hair looks will take you far far away from the let-it-grow phase, and that too in style! And if you feel too lazy to try these out at home, you can always give a call to the grooming experts in Urban Company to come to your rescue. 

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