Meet UC’s First Female RO Technician

Meet the brave & inspiring Bhavya Sharma, Urban Company’s first female RO technician.

Bhavya took an unorthodox path and has truly made a way for more women to be inspired by her and take up the opportunity to do something different and become independent.

From a housewife to the first female RO technician at Urban Company, Bhavya really has gained a new identity.

“There is no field that women are not a part of today. I’ve made a start and I hope to inspire more women to consider appliance repair as a profession and provide for themselves and their family with pride and respect.”

Tough times only made her stronger

A senior RO technician at Urban Company, Bhavya’s husband passed away in March 2021. Being the sole breadwinner of the family, this started causing financial troubles at home.”

“The whole family was dependent on him. Urban Company helped us financially, but I knew I could not be dependent on someone, I had make things better for my children and so I stepped up and the senior manager at UC.”

Anjal Thakur, a senior manager at UC said, “I always wanted to have a female representative in our team and when Bhavya reached out to me, I couldn’t say no. She passed a very unbiased screening process, did her training and everyone in the team was really supportive, welcomed her and have her an equal opportunity to be a part of Urban Company.”

Bhavya delivering service at a customer’s place

New Challenges were new beginnings for Bhavya

Bhavya did not get intimidated by being the only female in an otherwise all-male category but took it as a challenge and has been consistently in the top 10 partners in RO repair team, Bangalore. Her customers respect her, trust her and many have become her repeat clients now.

Bhavya with her daughter

“I want to provide for my children in every way and do my best for them. I will educate them and support them in whatever path they choose. I believe in myself now and want to inspire more women to become independent and work in whatever field they want to. I am very happy with Urban Company.”



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