Luxury for Less: 8 Simple Tricks to Make Your Home Look Lavish!


Image Courtesy: House and Garden

We often think renovating the house could cost us a fortune but little do we realise that more than often the things that we need for the desired renovation are actually lying around us. Don’t believe us? Read up this article to know some easy tricks to make your home look like a million bucks.

  1. Accent wall

Want to add some drama to your room without cash burn? Dare to be different with an accent wall. They can be the perfect way to break away from the monotony of a single coloured room. Bringing accent colours to your interior can help define your mood, or catapult you into a different space and time! Choose a wall in your room farthest from the entrance to provide an immediate draw!

Image Courtesy: Apartment Therapy
  1. Accent ceilings are the new accent walls

Didn’t we tell you how accent walls could add magic to your room? How about we tell you to paint it further up! Accent ceilings are the new accent walls and you wouldn’t believe until you see it how classy the mood of the room can become. Try bold colours like purple, royal blue or touches of hue to add character to your ceiling. Why leave the ceiling feeling all dull and boring, right?

Image Courtesy: Architecture & Design
  1. String pearls for curtain tie back

Embellish your windows in a dreamy way! Make a smart and elegant necklace for your curtains by tying them up with a string of faux pearl. Not only do they look great for your curtains, you could boast of originality and a chic idea in front of your guests.

Image Courtesy: Etsy
  1. Old window frame as wall art

It might often surprise you all the tricky and exciting things you can do with old unused things lying around in your house. Got an old window frame around? Use it as distressed wall art and decorate it with things you like, such as movie posters, flower pots or something chic or even dramatic.

  1. A space for houseplants

Green is always in! There is not a space in the house that a houseplant cannot bring alive. Houseplants look beautiful in the cosy corner in your living room or on any of the walls of your hallway. You’re going to thank us for this! 😉

Image Courtesy: Apartment Therapy
  1. Add unframed mirrors to closet doors

If you want your room to look spacious, we suggest adding mirrors to the room. An unframed mirror on the closet door can give depth to your room and make the room look brighter and bigger.

  1. Adding teak to your shower floor makes it look like a spa

Rekindle with the ambience of that romantic resort you last visited, at home. Yes, you heard it right! Adding teak to your shower flooring makes it look like a spa. Not only is the rustic look a great calling for the romantic setting but it also makes the floor look cleaner in comparison to marble, granite or mosaic. However, teak in shower floor needs regular maintenance to avoid soap scum. Don’t forget to scrub it with dish soap or warm water every once a month.

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  1. Hide wire clutter

Wire clutter is ugly. Period. There’s nothing at all good to see them hanging around in the house. Hide them within a curtain rod that you could use as a pipe against the wall for hiding the wire clutter around your TV space or desktop, or put them inside a box or basket and cover the top. It will surprise you how this small step can make your room look so much cleaner and tidier.

Image Courtesy: Wayfair

The next time someone tells you that burning cash is the only way to revamp your house, share these easy tips with them! You know better now 🙂