Learn How to Trim Your Beard At Home!

The current quarantine situation has got everyone re-evaluating, re-imagining and re-doing things we’ve deemed normal. Hair care & beard care are just a few of these many things. ...

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The current quarantine situation has got everyone re-evaluating, re-imagining and re-doing things we’ve deemed normal. Hair care & beard care are just a few of these many things.

While the lockdown has given some men the opportunity to grow their hair out, experiment with styles and not feel the pressure to always look presentable, there are many who’re itching for a haircut or a beard trim.

For those folks, we decided to pitch in with some advice and a guide on How You Can Easily Trim Your Beard At Home. That too, just like a pro! And we’re not just going to pass on the jargon, we’re actually going to do this with you. So you can either watch the video or you can follow the written guide that follows below.

Here’s how to trim your beard at home:

Step 1: Collect The Tools

beard trimmer tools

Before we start, make sure you have a razor sharp trimmer with all the length-trimming combs.

Step 2: Groom That Neckline

beard care

men's grooming

  • Remember to always start from the bottom, which in this case is your neck.
  • Start by creating a mark with your trimmer just above the Adam’s apple.
  • Now, with the mark in place in the center of the neck, make a natural curved line till the right and left end of the beard. With the line clearly visible, simply clean the hair below it.
  • To do this right and to get a sharp cut, using the trimmer correctly is very important. Rest the flat surface of the trimmer on your skin and move upwards, trimming the hair till the line you’ve just made. Continue this on all parts of your neck till it’s clean.

Step 3: Sideburns

how to trim your beard at home

After the neckline is clean and looks sharp enough, we now move to the sideburns. Often, the sideburns are overlooked when you trim your beard yourself. But here, we’ll groom them as well. This is where you become a PRO and trim the whole beard well, just like a stylist.

For sideburns, you have to clean them from the outside — that is the part below the ear — and the inside — which is the part next to the ear.

And that’s it, your sideburns are ready.

Step 4: Cheek Line

beard trim

Grooming the cheek line is most important as it’s directly visible on your face. Essentially what we are doing here is making a line that connects the moustache and the sideburns.

There are a number of ways you can do this. It mainly depends on your style preference and your face and beard shape.

I generally like to keep it naturally curved from the sideburns and connect it just in line with my moustache. Neither above, nor below — just in line.

Once you make this line, simply trim off all the overgrown hair above it following the same technique as we did on the neck.

Step 5: Moustache

berd moustache styles

With a moustache, how you decide to trim it totally depends on your personal preference. Whether you want to keep a different style or keep it in sync with the rest of the beard style.

Some of the styles you can experiment with are either growing the moustache longer than the length of your beard or keeping the length same but the style different.

I generally like to keep it the same size. And to groom it, I just do three things:

  • Cut the overgrown hair below the nose;
  • Above the lips; and
  • On the sides

Step 6: Length Trim

beard length trim

Before you begin to trim the length of your beard, you need to decide whether you want to keep a short beard or a longer one. Deciding your style would help you decide how short you want to trim the whole beard to.

According to the style, pick the right length trimming comb and mount it on your trimmer.

Now, simply trim off all the hair that comes with it. Here too, the technique of using the trimmer is important.

We again follow the same technique like we used on the neck — that i,s keeping the flat surface on the skin and moving upwards. Continuing this on all parts of your beard will give you a clean length trim.

And that’s all, you’re done.

And just like that, weve easily groomed the whole beard, like a PRO, that too at home.

We first trimmed the neckline, then the sideburns, followed by the cheek line, the moustache and lastly a length trim.

That was simple, wasn’t it?

I hope you got some valuable information from this post. I will be back with more grooming tutorials for you very soon. Till then, stay groomed and look dapper!

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