Is your foundation failing you? Here’s why


A perfect base is one of the most important parts of a makeup. If your skin is not evened out with a good moisturizer, BB cream or foundation, the rest of the makeup will not turn out well. You need the base makeup to even out your skin tone, hide the dark circles, conceal the blemishes, and brighten up your skin. Whether you choose to apply a light-coverage or a full-coverage base makeup product, it will help your skin appear clear and bright. However, a few tricks to help you avoid common foundation mistakes can be really handy. If your foundation is failing you, there are a few mistakes you might be making, and we have the perfect tricks to solve these issues:

1. You are Not Creating a Perfect Base.

Your foundation needs a perfect base to look great on your skin and stay put all day. If you do not prep your skin before putting on the foundation, it will appear patchy. Dead cells tend to clog the skin and make your foundation appear uneven. You need to exfoliate regularly to keep your pores clean.

exfoliate - Moisturise - primer


  • Moisturise your skin at least a few minutes before you apply your makeup.
  • Always use a primer before putting on a foundation since it will even out your pores, lines, etc. Since the primer has evened out your skin, your foundation will be smooth and also last longer.

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2. You are Not Blending Your Foundation on Your Ears and Neck.

If you only pay attention to your face when you apply your foundation, then your foundation is going to look like a mask. The visible line of makeup between your face, ears, hairline, and neck will make you appear unnatural. To make your foundation appear natural, you need to blend in your foundation with your hairline, near your ears, and your neck so that it looks natural.

applying foundation on neck


The warmth of your fingers can work wonders in helping you blend in a foundation. Alternatively, you can use a small kabuki brush to blend in any harsh lines of foundation into your skin so that you get a flawless coverage.

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3. You are Not Wearing the Right Shade of Foundation.

Many people end up buying wrong shades of foundation and then wonder why is it not making them appear flawless. It is highly essential to buy the right shade of foundation to give the perfect finish to your makeup

shades of foundations


If the foundation is too light, it will take the color away from your face and make you look ill. However, if the foundation is too dark, it will not match your neck or the rest of your body and will look like a mask.  Hence, find out which shade suits your skin type and then purchase the one.

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4. You are Not Using the Foundation Suitable for Your Skin Type.

When you purchase a foundation, make sure to get the one that is suitable for your skin type. You can ask your beautician or the makeup artists/employees at the professional makeup stores to get you the right one.

types of foundations


  • People who have an oily skin should opt for either a gel-based or a water-based foundation which give a matte finish. And since these foundations are less likely to clog the pores and cause breakouts, they will last longer on oily skin.
  • People with dry skin must go for cream-based or oil-based foundations with a dewy or satin finish since these foundations will hydrate the skin and make it appear glowing.

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5. You are Not Setting Your Foundation Properly.

Foundation setting spray

Once you apply your makeup, you need to set it with a setting powder or spray to make sure that it lasts all day. Since your skin produces oils, they can result in dissolving your makeup or making it appear patchy. If you have an oily skin, you may see that your foundation disappears from the oily parts of your face. Even on a dry skin, makeup tends to disappear from the oily parts of the face much faster than the rest of the face. To avoid this problem, you can set your foundation using a setting powder. The powder will keep the oils at bay and make your foundation last longer. If you have a really dry skin, you do not need to use the setting powder all over your face, just dust it lightly on the oily parts of the face.


Many people commit other makeup mistakes that have more to do with the makeup application. Find the right tools to apply your foundation and get comfortable using the makeup tool whether it is a flat foundation brush, fluffy kabuki brush, blending sponge or your fingers. Always use a small amount of foundation first and build up gradually to have a natural and flawless coverage.


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