Inside John Abraham’s Award Winning Home: A “Villa In The Sky”


This is the second post in the series – Celebrity Home Tours Week on Urbanclap Homes! See the first on Alia Bhatt’s house here.

“A home will always speak about your character. So make sure that your home reflects who you are and what you are.” – John Abraham

Everything about John Abraham’s villa resonates a kind of peacefulness and warmth. Quite deserving, his house won the Best Home Award from the Indian Institute of Architectural Design in 2016. There are two floors in which the lower floor has an open plan with a living room, kitchen and dining room, combined into one seamless space. One look at it and you will be glued to the screen!

You would never imagine designing your home the way he did but the result is to die for! Have a look <3

The Raw Appeal In The Living & Dining Area Has Us Floored

The lower floor which has an open plan has been designed for entertaining – the interconnected areas within a white shell feature dark wooden flooring has comfortable seating and large glass windows that look out to the serene outdoors. The living area has a contrast of dominant brown, and greenish-grey custom-made sofas. Another very striking element in it is the simple staircase that has balanced the mood of the living room, keeping the simplicity of minimal structure work without making it look boring.

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Inside John Abraham’s Award Winning Home: A “Villa In The Sky”

The masculine raw appeal of unfinished wood can be seen in his dining area. The dining table has been made out of an old teak tree and reconstructed to make the table and stools. WOW! Now isn’t that serious #DiningAreaGoals? The casual-style dining area, with the long table and low stools, complements the woody, warm interior. Not to forget the tall plants that establish a constant connect with nature indoors.

The lounge area in the living room is bathed in neutral tones and wooden frame finish. And boy-o-boy, look at the spotlights overlooking the seating place that has maintained the minimal appeal of the space! *_*

The Dominance Of Steel In The Kitchen Island

The kitchen features an island drenched in grey and a glass-enclosed cooking area. The space which is in the south-east has apparently been designed keeping with Vastu and is flooded with morning light from the nearby hills.

As we see, the kitchen is divided into two areas – dry and wet. The dry part features dominance of steel and dark-tones shelves, where all the cooking takes place, the glass divider has not just enclosed the area smartly but also magnified the space.

The idea behind the two kitchen areas, according to John, is that the platform outside can be used for serving while the wet area could take the smell of Indian cooking away from the main entertainment areas.

Dome style kitchen pendant lights are a breakaway from the otherwise sharp lines in this very masculine home.

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Larger Than Life Balconies and Open Spaces

It should be no surprise that the spectacular views of the Arabian Sea were among the most attractive features of this space and as such, were maximized with the *minimal design*. A wooden panel on the balcony adjoining the master bedroom is ideal for morning meditation or simply sitting and enjoying the cool breeze from the sea. What adds beauty to these open spaces is the use of wood decked tiles and tall plants everywhere. What a beautiful way to feel closer to nature #InTheSky

Who Would Have Thought A Master Bedroom Could Look That Stunning With Minimal Furniture

The minimal dark-tones master bedroom suite on the top floor creates an intimate connection with nature.

There are a lavish walk-in wardrobe, a spa bathroom and a private sea-facing balcony, separated by a double-glazed sliding door that allows natural light and cool breeze from the Arabian Sea. This space, too, is decorated with minimum elements – just a television and a wide, open view of the sea.

Oh! There’s an elegant and inviting Jacuzzi too, in the master bedroom!

Private Media Room On The Top Floor

Bathed in white and muted tones, the private media room on the top floor includes blinds for turning it from a glass-enclosed overlook to a cosy cave for screenings. The materials in this room are again kept largely natural as well as neutral. Now that is the kind of room you would not say no to, would you? 😉


So how did you find the house of John Abraham’s “Villa In The Sky”? We are still to get over it! For more Celebrity Home Tour blogs, visit UrbanClap Homes.

Photo courtesy & Interior Architect: Abraham John Architects

This is the second post in the series – Celebrity Home Tours Week on Urbanclap Homes! See the first on Alia Bhatt’s house here.